Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 ways to make your karaoke session more fun and interesting

Singing at a karaoke centre is usually fun on its own, but let's make your Sing-K session a more memorable experience by doing any or all of the following:

Danger: You may get addicted to the Sing-K.

1) Be the backup singer - Rather than singing together with a partner, why not become his/her backup singer instead? Just sing only the last one, two or three words after your partner completes a sentence on a song! You can sing on your own pitch and comfort for this, but I highly recommend singing in a deep, bass-like voice for added comical effect.

(Song: Matchbox 20 - If You're Gone)
Partner: I think I've already lost you
You: (deep voice) Lost you...
Partner: I think you're already gone
You: (high voice) Gone...
etc, etc.

2) Change the lyrics - Ah, yes of course! What's more fun than to sing "Uptown Bitch" instead of "Uptown Girl"! Or changing Backstreet Boys' "I want it that way" to "I want a fat chick"? If you know a full spoof of a song such as the James Blunt parody "She was beautiful" then by all means sing that version. Oh, you can also sing it in a different language...preferably a direct translation from the original song.

(Song: James Blunt - You're Beautiful)
Original: You're beautiful...you're beautiful
Translated to hokkien: "Lu Jin Na Sui...Lu Jin Na Sui"
Original: You're beautiful, it's true
Translated to hokkein: "Lu Jin Na Sui, Chin Ehhhhh"

"She was...beautiful..."

3) Get distracted with the music videos - While the Chinese MTV mostly remains original, sadly the English MTV has been completely overhauled. So instead of seeing Matchbox 20 singing, what you get is a scenic view of Brisbane City way back in 1988, or watching this dude with the retro hair and big shirt walking on a street. Oh, and how can you sing a song when there's this hot girl in a bikini dancing and getting soaked at a beach!?

4) Sing to your loved one on the phone
- So you're in love with someone who's abroad? Your darling's in Australia studying while you're in Malaysia working? Well, why not show your love by singing her favourite love song on the phone!...while we giggle away at your attempt on Mariah Carey's "My Heart Will Go On" :)

5) Translate the lyrics for your foreign friend - Whenever you are not singing, or you were robbed of your microphone and the controller, you could help translate a song for a friend who does not understand the language. He/She could either be an ang mo, an ABC (American-Born Chinese) or simply a "Banana" (locals who can't sing Chinese like me...). However, don't just translate; do translate with the exact same tune as the singer!

Translation: Peace!

6) Attempt to sing a language using pin yin or roman characters
- For the "Banana" people like myself this goes beyond entertainment; this is one of the best ways to get those hardcore Chinese-educated who despise non-Chinese-speaking folks to respect you. What I did was to print out a Pin Yin translation of Michael Wong's "Fairy Tale" (GuangLiang - Tong Hua) [(童话) 光良] and sing it. Heads will turn once they discover it is YOU and not one of their Ah Lian friends singing that famous song. Oh yes, they will laugh at your mispronunciation, but hey, at least they know you made an effort to learn Chinese. Even better if you can sing it even better than them.

Example of Pin Yin:
(Song: Michael Wong - Fairy Tale)
Wo yuan (yao) (hui) bian cheng tong hua li
Ni ai de na ge tian shi
Zhang kai shuang shou Bian cheng chi bang shou hu ni
Ni yao xiang xin Xiang xin wo men hui xiang tong hua gu shi li
Xing fu he kuai le shi jie ju

7) Do facial and body expressions
- Sitting down and watching the screen while singing is boring! Instead, clinch your fist high up in the air if you're singing on high-pitch, or point and look at someone the eyes and sing like you really mean what the lyrics say...then do a funny face like crossing your eyes and sticking your tongue out.

A prime example.

8) Do the hip-hop/rap vocals - Yea! Yea! Uh-oh! Come on now! Yo yo...check it out, you gotta add the sound effects after each line! Doesn't matter if it's a slow song or a fast song, you just get a backup singer to do all the 'Yea! Come on baby!" after each sentence.

(Song: Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On)
Singer: You're....here....(*yea! uh-oh!)..wheneeeeverrrr you arreeeee (*yea! that's right!)
* (backup singer)

9) Deliberately sing in different pitch
- You know how the Bee Gees sing their songs? That all cute and funny high-pitch voice of theirs? Well emulate that voice while you sing Robbie William's "She's the One"! Or you could do a Metallica/Slipknot over the song "When You Say Nothing At All" by Ronan Keating. Oh, your favourite songs would never sound the same again after that stunt.

And lastly...

10) Do a "Ken Lee" - Yes, do what Valentina Hasan did for her version of Mariah Carey's "Without You": Grabled it up! Just cincai sing and you will be famous...

(Song: Valentina Hasan - Ken Lee)

No one ken to ken to sivmen (No I can’t forget this evening)
nor yon clees toju maliveh (Or your face as you were leaving)
When I gez aju zavateh na nalechu more (But I guess that’s just the way the story goes)
New yonooz tonigh molinigh (You always smile but in your eyes)
Yon sorra shooo (Your sorrow shows)
Yes ee shooo (Yes it shows)
Ken Lee tolibu dibu douchoo (I can’t live If living is without you)
Ken Lee Ken Lee meju more (I can’t give I can’t give anymore)

"Ken Leeee....Tulibu Dibu Douchoo!"


The Realistic Dreamer said...

more like 10 ways to annoy the hell out of people k-ing with you?

Ah_Mike said...

lol er it's fun la, not annoying!

Irene said...

;p It annoys me *LOL*

The Realistic Dreamer said...

and that - is the difference between a girl and a guy's mind

p.s. yes lar, it's fun but also in an annoying way

gingeraLe said...

Aiyaya...mike u put on weight dddd....very entertaining ar this post!!
simply loved it!!!

Joshua Boey said...

farker....is it my screen or you are getting fatter by the minute?

miss the gila karaoke sessions man, need to call the rest and sing like shitz agan when u get back

Ah_Mike said...

I'm getting even fatter now than what you guys saw on screen!