Saturday, October 25, 2008

A sad and depressing announcement.

This is the saddest news I've heard since Jessica Alba's marriage.

Rough Translation:

Leah: I have something very important to say to everyone.
I want my fans to hear this from me first before they hear it from anyone else.
I have actually gotten married recently.

Fans: WHAT?!?!

Leah: And, I have am going to have a baby. (Literally: And, I have a baby in my stomach.)

Fans: WHAT?!

My family and I are overwhelmed with happiness.
I am going to take a break for a little while, but I will try to be back soon.

I am going to try my hardest, so please continue to support me.

Please do not throw me away/forget about me!

Fans: We're waiting for you!!!


WHY LEAH WHY!!!!!!!!!???!!????? :(

4 months pregnant somemore! And you have to marry some fucking hairstylist!? Argh, I hate all male hairstylist now!!!

Now I can no longer put you on my wallpaper anymore....

Now I need to find another Japanese Idol to replace you...but there's no one there that can replace your beauty!!

Ah, fuck it. I think I'll go pedophile and "idolize" the three below:


Joshua Boey said...

yes this is the saddest news that i have heard this week so far. Another beauty gone from the available list (not like we mere mortals would have the chance to meet her anyway) and married to some bloke plays with strands of human fur for a living.

sad sad... nvm, I still got my Chisato Morishita!

Celeste said...

bah. just because your idol gets married doesn't mean you have to stop idolising her and take her off your screensaver. you don't see me swearing off men when ryan phillippe married reese whitherspoon once upon a time, or when jude law's got a nannyrama. :P they're called idols for a reason ya know. heh.

Chun Chow said...

I can truly understand how you feel my friend...Why Leah Why????!!! you should be with me!! not some freakin cheapo hairstylist T_T

Joshua Boey said...

On the contrary, I think the 'cheapo' hairstylist makes more money then us combined....

Ah_Mike said...

celeste: haha well let's just say I don't fancy someone's wife yea ;)

boys: that hairstylist earns more than all 24 of my colleagues' salary (including CEO) combined!