Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting ready for The Kuching Amazing Hunt 2008

Two Red Bull cans and a bottle of 100 Plus...CHECK!

Running shoes...CHECK!

Map of Kuching...CHECK!

Watched the repeat of the Amazing Race Asia 3 for motivation...CHECK!

Researched on Kuching culture and estimated tasks...CHECK!

Hot babe spotted during the briefing on the event earlier today...CHECK!


Alright, I'll be participating in this Kuching Amazing Hunt tomorrow starting 8.30 a.m. and will be representing Sarawak Convention Bureau together with two other teammates from the company.

So looking forward to kick ass (hopefully) the other 47 teams participating and win RM1,500 plus a mystery destination!

Here's more info on the Kuching Amazing Hunt 2008:


It’s actually a MAH Sarawak Chapter annual event created as an alternative to the annual Sarawak Inter-Hotel Cultural & Ethnic Dance Competition which was held last year. So the idea of this Amazing Hunt was mooted and planned for the hotel industry staffs to get together as well as to promote and create awareness of the various tourist attractions and places of interest in and around Kuching and of course to do it with fun. Unlike the Cultural & Ethnic Dance Competition which is only restricted to member hotels, this Amazing Hunt will be open to our fellow tourism industry players and also the general public.

We also plan to work with the main tourism bodies such as the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) and Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) to organize and promote this Amazing Hunt on a larger scale and maybe incorporate it as one of Kuching’s annual international tourism event if this proves successful.

Day/Date : Sunday, 23rd November 2008
Flag-Off Venue : Padang Merdeka
Flag-Off Time : 8.00am sharp
No of Teams Targeted : 120 teams
Participating Fee : RM300 per team of 3 members
Term of Payment : Cash Only
Dateline for Submission : On or before 5.00pm, 17th November 2008.
Late Submission will not be entertained and all fees paid are non-refundable.

ChampionRM1500 Cash, Return Air Tickets for 3 persons to a Mystery Destination with Complimentary Accommodation
1st Runner-UpRM900 Cash, Hotel Accommodation and Meal Voucher
2nd Runner-UpRM600 Cash, Hotel Accommodation and Meal Voucher
The 3 winning teams will also be invited to MAH Sarawak Chapter 7th Anniversary Dinner themed “A White Christmas Celebration featuring Michael Buble and Norah Jones Tribute” to be held on the 24th November 2008 at Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel, Kuching. Prizes for the 3 winning teams will be given out during the dinner.

1. A briefing for all registered participants will be conducted on Saturday, 22nd November 2008 at 3.00pm. Venue will be advised later nearer to the date.
2. The Amazing Hunt will utilize various tourist spots/places of interest in and around Kuching.
3. Participants are required to search for clues and perform certain specific tasks as instructed in order to move from one pit stop to another.
4. Participants are only allowed to walk and use public transport for commuting.
5. Participants must wear the official T-shirts and the Identification Tag throughout the event.
6. Refreshment will be provided for all participants at the final point and lucky draws will be conducted as well with attractive prizes to be won

So do come tomorrow and support us!


Aliciaks said...

If not mistaken... SCV won something eh.. lol.. congrates!

Aliciaks said...

oopps.. typo.. SCB

ahlost said...

You won sth?? OMG !! Faster blog liao !!

Ah_Mike said...

Aliciaks: Hehe thanks...which position was your team at?

Ahlost: already blog liao!!