Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday (to my head)

For my birthday I decided to shave my head.

Before VS After

After not doing anything for the daytime, my family took me out for dinner. Then I went to Terminal 1 to drink with the usual buddies, with Frankie being the host (of sorts). While we all drank tequila, I enjoyed the tequila shots with Ivan, Alvin and Daniel.

I hug José Cuervo.

As I was partly responsible for Moses' cake-facial on his birthday, I knew I was going to get smacked with a cake sooner or later.

The birthday cake, and I didn't know about it until it was too late.

While I was busy drinking away, Moses sneaked up on me.

And there goes my head. And the chance to flirt with a bunch of girls at the next table.

For the public humiliation of course, I got myself a present :)

It's a goalkeeper gloves!

Mind you, I'm not a natural goalkeeper in our regular futsal session but just because nobody wanted to play goalkeeper I took a little more interest in goalkeeping only last week...

Nonetheless I am thankful for the present :). One step further to conquer my fear of powerful football shots...I think.

Call me Fabien Barthez.

I still haven't had enough of tequila though. Hmm...reckon I should make it up for New Year's Eve?


Jasonmumbles said...


You look pretty good with a bald head.

yomi said...

omg you didnt!!
you seriously did....
ouch... lol

Ah_Mike said...

jason: thanks! I do like it :)

yomi: haha what's so ouch about it??

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol happy birthday sugar! ;) awesome shave. wooohOoo!! to a new year!

ahlost said...

Why bald? *LOL* My younger bro also bald :D

Ah_Mike said...

lennie: thanks sweetie :)

ahlost: cause I lazy to do my hair haha...