Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mmm...durian at Pasir Pandak!

After having a pose with Leona Chin and Puteri,I proceed to meet up with my colleagues. We then went to a durian orchard at Pasir Pandak.

Oh we had such a feast! We had the usual sweet and soft type...then the slightly thick and sourish type...but there was one type of durian that was considered rare to find in the city.

It was the "ang bark"durian. Literally it means the "red meat" durian. I don't know what mix breed this durian came from, but it's GOOD and that's what matters!

Basically, it falls more on the sourish type of durian with the flavour of a jackfruit. Correct me for those who thought otherwise.

One way to make my boss happy!

And the damage? While the regular durians cost about RM10 a fruit, this "ang bark" durian was at RM20 a fruit! Expensive...but worth the taste!

In the end I think my colleagues and I ate about 7 to 9 fruits? Heh, talk about our ascending high-blood pressure. Though that doesn't stop me from being a fat bastard :)

I would love to come back for more since durians are in season now!

Can you spot the durian?


Racheal Gan said...

Hey, Tak ajak .... I am durian lover leh