Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Red Bull Female Drivers Search

I was at Boulevard 10 days ago to see the Red Bull Rookies...OK, more precisely to see the famous female drifter Leona Chin :)

Leona & Puteri...two of the hottest Malaysian drivers!

After their brief introduction together with their trainer Kelvin (although the mic was extremely soft), the Red Bull Female Drivers Search was officially launched.

Leona, Puteri and Kelvin would then to proceed to answer the media's questions...not like there was much to ask from them.

From there, the girls went outside for their photo shoot session.

Leona looking very cute in this photo...

More of the drivers....

and somemore...

and even more! :)

As this was an automobile event, I was expecting Leona and Puteri to be drifting on a sports car like the Nissan Skyline or Subaru Impreza or just driving a Honda Integra or any of the sexy cars out there.

Instead, I had to see them drive...a Proton Saga.

Puteri's feet: cuter than the car

Oh my Lord, this is madness!

OK, so Leona and Puteri couldn't really demonstrate their skills anyway as the shopping mall was way too small to show the good stuff of racing. What the girls did was just the basics of the advance driving technique, in which the registered female drivers in Kuching would have to do well and hence be shortlisted to the next round of the Search.

Still, I was dissappointed with the choice of the test car. Not saying that Proton sucks or anyway like that, but come on la can't the organiser get someone's Proton Satria GTi at least??

Anyway, no matter. I wasn't there for the cars.

Man, why didn't I smile! Or was I too shy? *ahem*

Many thanks to Allen for making it to the event though. Had it not been for his awesome photography I would still have Leah Dizon as my wallpaper. Heh.

Thankfully, I met Leona before I went on a Durian-eating spree...which will be the next update!


(_.·´¯`·×» CANDYFLING said...

is any guys actually there for the cars??? LOL. I can see the attraction to these events due to the sexy legs parading around the cars. and those legs does not include yours,Mike. hahaha..

HI, Mike.