Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Autocar Show @ Crowne Square

Last Sunday a friend and I went for this autocar show that was held in Crowne Square. I knew about this event from that very Sunday morning itself...so that says much about the advertising budget for the car show huh?

Interestingly, this event was organized by Enter K Karaoke...in which I failed to see the relationship between the devils on the road and singing like a devil.

Oh wait, I think I see the relationship now. Maybe Enter K's next marketing plan is to rent out these cars to us and we can sing inside a Nissan Fairlady 350Z...and drive it at the same time??? :D

Ah, full of bollocks I am. Anyway, here are some of the cars that took my interest:

The Nissan Fairlady 350Z:-

By far the best looking car at the event. I loved the way the owner designed his car...two tones of black, with a side-sticker on what looks like an Iban-tattoo inspiration of a wild beetle. Well, better than dragon right??

And check out the rims man!

Sure, there will always be the funny ones like this one here:

You've seen human armpits. Now imagine a car with white hair and animal skin on its "armpits"! Eww. Thank goodness this was on a Proton Gen-2.

And then I saw the Honda Prelude 4th generation. Ah, my 'realistic' dream car! (realistic as in can afford to buy in the future la...you think I can afford a Nissan R-35 gah??)

While it's not my ideal colour, I like this car's front.

Shame that the back wasn't as nice, especially the backlights. I'll say stick to the stock backlights bro!

The event also has some classic cars like the Austin Mini.

Now this is cute. For the definition of ugly see below:

OK la, it's not ugly la...but it's damn weird don't you think? We know this is a Perodua Kelisa not some Honda Jazz-wannabe.

I saw the Mazda RX-7 (one of Joshua's favourite cars by the way) as well. Simple and greyish-black. I like!

But then ah...

Why la the big spoiler and the big exhaust? So that I can put my dinner plate on the spoiler and a bottle of vodka at the exhaust yea?

The other cars include a Subaru Impreza WRX, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (not sure if it was 8 or 9), Nissan Skyline R34 and R33, a Toyota Celica 7th generation, a bunch of BMWs and a bunch of local-made cars, a few other classic cars and some others I don't remember.

Nonetheless with the number of cars and a small parking space at Crowne Square, the event was small and slightly crampy at the covered area.

With the weather turning from stinging hot to looking like it will piss rain, my friend and I made our way to the Crowne Square building itself for a drink before we went back to the event to meet my friend's cousin who was the owner of one of cars displayed. Then we went home.

The end.


Wait! How can this event be a car show without the RACE QUEENS!?

I pick the left ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bloggers meet cum food tasting at Village Fast Food

I went for this Kuching Food Bloggers Gathering @ Village Fast Food last Saturday night. This event was organised EatOK, a website for Kuching food lovers by Kuching food lovers.

It was the first time I attend a food-tasting event. So yea, free food! :) However, I am not a food blogger (cause there's too many out there!), hence I am not keen to write about the quality of the food provided by Village Fast Food. Rather, I am more interested to know about the quality of the night itself.

A little bit on Village Food Fast: This night was considered to be the soft launch for this restaurant. Interestingly this was opened by the same owner behind Green Bento Company, possibly Kuching's only food delivery service that doesn't scream "McDonalds". With its mixture of Western and Asian cuisine, and together with a "No-MSG" philosophy, Village Fast Food was looking to impress us bloggers. From a marketing point-of-view, if we are happy with the food, that will mean positive viral marketing for us to tell the rest of Kuchingites. And you know la, Kuching is small...you have affair here people sure know wan!

Anyway, while Village Fast Food's location was questionable (if I remember they were a couple of restaurants that were located at Central Park before and didn't survive), but nonetheless I was charmed by the "kampung-ness" of the building; I honestly felt like I was about to eat at a relative's house in a village!

The interior was nothing to shout about sadly...although they had a small pond-of-sorts at a corner.

"Why my drink so small as compared to hers!?"

I sat together with fellow bloggers Amber Chia's sister M, Frankie the Maid, Calvin, Norman"Mushroom King" and Lydia. I'm almost certain that our table was the most happening table!

[Video: Blogger's Meet Introduction]

Here are the eight dishes:

(From top left to bottom right: Hot & Sour Soup, Nestum Fish Fillet, Butter Prawns, Nyonya Sweet & Sour Chicken, 4 Combo Vegetables, Fish & Chips, Fried Mee Sua Cangkuk Manis & Grilled Beef Steak served with Chips and your choosing of Black Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Brown Sauce)

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with the overall taste of the dishes. As mentioned earlier, I wouldn't go to details, but what I could say was:

Best Dish: 4 combo vegetables (!)
Worst Dish: Grilled Beef Steak (simply because I don't like my steak well done....)

The organizers, which was mainly Unker Francis & Annna had some pop quiz for us to take part while we dine. Norman won himself a Japanese Bento recipe book while I won a Smoothies recipe book. Somehow the book that I've won has attracted several ladies from the next table to pose with me...with the big pressure on me creating the smoothies for them! Hahaha no problem girls :)

With the EatOK crew (Annna, Francis and Gabrielle (?) Lim, the designer of the EatOK logo...and the person I won my prize from :D)

The food tasting ended around 9.45p.m. with group shots and numerous camwhore shots. My camera is so damn inferior to the DSLRs some of the bloggers had been shooting the night with I couldn't be bothered with using mine to camwhore with anyone!

To sum it up, I didn't regret going to this event. While I didn't fancy the food, I made friends, met with a couple whom I haven't met in 6 years, had a good laugh and most importantly enjoyed myself.

For more info on this event read Emmelina's, Calvin's, Norman's & Annna's.
(M and Calvin, thanks for the photos :) Sorry didn't ask for your permission :P)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Closed for Christmas

I will be taking a break from blogging 'cause I have nothing to write so that I could focus on other matters. Will be back after Christmas!

Meanwhile, I dedicate this video to you readers out there:


Merry Christmas everybody! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

SAMS Anime Gathering 2008: A perfect case of concern

***Sorry guys for the delay or this entry. Had problems uploading videos to blogger for the last few days.***

Hours after the Chibicon event I went for the Anime Gathering at the same place. I was told to bring an Ichigo (Strawberry) item to the event. As such I got myself a hair clipper (which I can't clip on my hair haha) thanks to my friend Alvin.

At RM25, I was really hoping that this event wouldn't disappoint.

Despite coming in around 7pm, we felt like we were the first guests to arrive...there was hardly anyone sitting at all! Hmph! Talk about Malaysian timing!

Then it hit me. The lack of crowd was clearly a warning that the event will not live up to the value of the ticket and my already low expectations.

While awaiting for the VIPs, Ian, the President of SAMS persuaded the 'crowd' to be patient and encouraged us to walk around and know people.

Here's the itinerary. I fancied the "Ice Breaking" session as I was hoping to know this hot babe who came to the event in a yukata (some traditional Jap clothing).

And here's the menu for my dinner. What the fuck...plain rice as a DISH!?

The event only started around 7.40p.m. if I remembered correctly. That's an hour delay! And when the MCs came up to stage, I knew from there on this event could only get worst.

Good morning to you too bro!

And the first performance? Oh dear lord the performer's nervous! You could tell by listening to his play and how it was not smooth for our ears...it didn't help that the audio was quite fucked-up. In short, the music sounded like a video game from the Super Nintendo.

Then came the ice breaking session I was looking forward for...but somehow this ice breaking was instead an introduction to the SAMS committee followed by a single "Yum Seng" moment.


What??? That's the ice breaking session???? I thought ice breaking is when you actually get to meet new friends and interact with all of them...not a one-way introduction of the names of the committee!

Sigh...at least the "special surprise" session was surprising interesting. Basically the surprise was to get us (1 team per table) to move around and find people with certain items (as written on a piece of paper) to win a prize. Well, the main prize was a hamper...and while my team didn't win it but I like my unofficial prize, which was the phone number of the hot babe (which was part of the "certain item" list by the way)!

The 2nd performance for the night was two girls singing a Japanese song:


Not bad don't you think? I actually like it :)

As for the lucky draws, Alvin got lucky and won himself a Naruto soft toy. Awww....so cute! His brother Aldrain won a Snoopy in an earlier lucky draw.

As for the final performance for the night...umm, please watch the video; it'll sum up whole night.


What. The. Fuck. Where's the red lightsaber!? Not even a duel like the original Star Wars!? Instead we're treated to a lightsaber dance!?

Come on la...if that was the case I rather see the girls in Yukata dancing!

Finally, the torture was over as Ian announced the closing of this extraordinary (read: sacarsm) night.

Before we leave, here's a video from the SAMS team:


I'll be lying if I said I enjoyed the night one bit. RM25 for an unorganised event was clearly a rip-off to my money. And while they can say that they are students and they don't have the budget and time to make it better then why bother to do the event right? Back in my college days this would have been clearly unacceptable.

As such, I want to become part of the SAMS committee and I've already spoken to Ian about that. I want to make their 3rd Anime Gathering (if they are gonna do it again) their best event. Not just that I wanna walk the talk and prove that my slight background in event management would help them, but I really want this club to improve and not, well, cheat people's money on crap events such as theirs.

This is my promise.

P.S.:Oh yea, I am missing something: the food. It was cold, plain, and simply undelicious. Had this event started on time then the food surely had tasted better! The only exception was the dessert which was a cake. I was told the catering came from a Japanese restaurant in Crowne Plaza (or was it Crowne Square?)...so avoid that at all cost!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

That ain't Chibi boobs!

Yesterday afternoon I attended Swinburne's I've Anime Chibi Con with Ivan.

As Chibi means "small" in Japanese, I expected the crowd to be, well, chibi. And yea I was right...there wasn't that many people when we arrived.

I should be taking photos of the toys Gundam models and anime figurines, as well as several cosplays (a Naruto, a Sora and a few others I don't know of) that was at the hall...but I wasn't in the mood to take such photos at the time. The lack of a hot babe at the hall probably killed my interests in reporting this event in detail haha.

Nonetheless, there was one particular Gundam model that I liked. Check out this Samurai Gundam. I don't collect Gundam models and I never took a serious interests in it, but boy I don't mind having this at my office.

Uoohh...this speaks awesomeness!

Walking over to the all-female anime figurines most boys would fantasied locking lips with the figurines if there were real-life versions, it was quite interesting to see girls with interesting costume design and holding big swords and big guns. I mean, imagine if you have a girlfriend who's Keeley Hazell-hot and holding a minigun twice your size?

The most interesting figurine of them all though was this:

Who said anime is for kids!?

You call that Chibi??

Anyway, this event wasn't happening to say the least so I left just 15 minutes after arriving at Swinburne. I anticipated the Anime Gathering to be alot better than Chibi Con...which happened the evening on the same day.

Next update: Anime Gathering

Monday, December 01, 2008

MAH 7th Anniversary with a White Christmas Dinner

The following night after the Amazing Hunt, I attended the Malaysia Association of Hotels' 7th Anniversary Dinner. The theme for the night was "White Christmas". It was held at the Grand Ballroom Crowne Plaza.

As I arrived at the hotel, the first thing and definitely the best thing I ever saw was half a dozen Santarinas. Oh, my Christmas present sure came early as I gleefully posed beside the prettiest Santarina of them all :)

As I went into the ballroom to meet my colleagues, I took noticed of the decor. The white and pink/purple combination gave the dinner its elegant look. Nice.

It was just a pity that the food had to be quite a let-down. Despite the fact that it was a dinner with a western theme, we were provided with the atypical Chinese cuisine. While the first five dishes of cold dish + sushi, shark fin soup, roasted salmon, spring chicken and deep-fried prawn balls were all alright (OK, the salmon and the prawn balls were great hehe)...the 6th dish was like watching a horror show.

Ew. This was the only dish I could take a photo of. My camera and I weren't buddies on this night.

Seriously, it looked more disgusting than the picture suggests! No, not that I hate vegetables, but in my whole life of eating 8-course Chinese dinners I've never seen such a plain and unappetizing vegetables-dish. Pure vegans would love this, but pure vegan I am not and I would clearly favor the usual stir-fried broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with some sweet gravy.

Meanwhile, the next dish which was the Lotus fried rice was cold. And the desert was a shame. Instead of the fail-safe plain sago dessert the chef of Crowne Plaza had to be funny and made Yam sago dessert...which instead of making feeling comfortable by the end of dinner, I ended up feeling the need to vomit and crap! Even the cream was like Quacker Oats! Urgh!

Anyway, while we had dinner we were entertained by two Australian singers; the female singer was Chelsea J. Gibson, singing Norah Jones' songs as her routine while the male singer was Earl Cole, with songs from Michael Buble as his choice . I was told Chelsea was a semi finalist in the premier season of the Australian Idol...she was alright, though my colleague hated her high pitch. Earl Cole was apparently famous in Perth. He was alright too. In the end of the day, we still pop the question:

Who are they?


Nonetheless, the jazz music for the night was good enough to get a few old folks to the dancefloor. While it was a sight to behold to see my colleagues' big boss dancing away in joy (she was complaining the boring-ness of this event) it was the satarinas dancing that made the otherwise simple night a better night.

I know I'll get to meet that pretty satarina again someday :) After all, Kuching is kinda small.

P.S: This was also the same night where the top 3 winners of the Kuching Amazing Hunt 2008 were presented with their prizes. I think the team from Holiday Inn won it. Oh, and the prizes were presented by YB. Datuk Michael Manyin, our Sarawak Urban Development and Tourism Minister. Much has been said about him but I guess I'll shut my mouth before I kena ISA.