Monday, December 29, 2008

Bloggers meet cum food tasting at Village Fast Food

I went for this Kuching Food Bloggers Gathering @ Village Fast Food last Saturday night. This event was organised EatOK, a website for Kuching food lovers by Kuching food lovers.

It was the first time I attend a food-tasting event. So yea, free food! :) However, I am not a food blogger (cause there's too many out there!), hence I am not keen to write about the quality of the food provided by Village Fast Food. Rather, I am more interested to know about the quality of the night itself.

A little bit on Village Food Fast: This night was considered to be the soft launch for this restaurant. Interestingly this was opened by the same owner behind Green Bento Company, possibly Kuching's only food delivery service that doesn't scream "McDonalds". With its mixture of Western and Asian cuisine, and together with a "No-MSG" philosophy, Village Fast Food was looking to impress us bloggers. From a marketing point-of-view, if we are happy with the food, that will mean positive viral marketing for us to tell the rest of Kuchingites. And you know la, Kuching is have affair here people sure know wan!

Anyway, while Village Fast Food's location was questionable (if I remember they were a couple of restaurants that were located at Central Park before and didn't survive), but nonetheless I was charmed by the "kampung-ness" of the building; I honestly felt like I was about to eat at a relative's house in a village!

The interior was nothing to shout about sadly...although they had a small pond-of-sorts at a corner.

"Why my drink so small as compared to hers!?"

I sat together with fellow bloggers Amber Chia's sister M, Frankie the Maid, Calvin, Norman"Mushroom King" and Lydia. I'm almost certain that our table was the most happening table!

[Video: Blogger's Meet Introduction]

Here are the eight dishes:

(From top left to bottom right: Hot & Sour Soup, Nestum Fish Fillet, Butter Prawns, Nyonya Sweet & Sour Chicken, 4 Combo Vegetables, Fish & Chips, Fried Mee Sua Cangkuk Manis & Grilled Beef Steak served with Chips and your choosing of Black Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Brown Sauce)

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with the overall taste of the dishes. As mentioned earlier, I wouldn't go to details, but what I could say was:

Best Dish: 4 combo vegetables (!)
Worst Dish: Grilled Beef Steak (simply because I don't like my steak well done....)

The organizers, which was mainly Unker Francis & Annna had some pop quiz for us to take part while we dine. Norman won himself a Japanese Bento recipe book while I won a Smoothies recipe book. Somehow the book that I've won has attracted several ladies from the next table to pose with me...with the big pressure on me creating the smoothies for them! Hahaha no problem girls :)

With the EatOK crew (Annna, Francis and Gabrielle (?) Lim, the designer of the EatOK logo...and the person I won my prize from :D)

The food tasting ended around 9.45p.m. with group shots and numerous camwhore shots. My camera is so damn inferior to the DSLRs some of the bloggers had been shooting the night with I couldn't be bothered with using mine to camwhore with anyone!

To sum it up, I didn't regret going to this event. While I didn't fancy the food, I made friends, met with a couple whom I haven't met in 6 years, had a good laugh and most importantly enjoyed myself.

For more info on this event read Emmelina's, Calvin's, Norman's & Annna's.
(M and Calvin, thanks for the photos :) Sorry didn't ask for your permission :P)


M said...

Hahaha, yea, I had a wonderful time too! Got photos from me? Don't have leh... hahaha. So you just thank Calvin. Haha!

cal81 said...

well, our table was indeed, the most happening! heheh =D
no prob with the photos.. just remember u owe us home-made smoothies yea!

Francis@EatOK! said...

'Unker' wants to knock your head - u've got his URL wrong lah! It's I had since gone "pro" and migrated from blogspot to paid hosting lah!

Anyway I forgive you as due to the popularity of unker's blog - it's down since this morning due to some "509 Bandwith Exceeded Limit" error. Too popular lah! *ahem* It's a "happy" problem so I'm still smiling. ;)

Ah_Mike said...

M: Got take but didn't put in blog :P

cal: No problemo :) but Norman's mushroom-related food first!

Francis: Hang on Unker, don't knock my head.... It was your "509 I'm-Too-Famous Limit" that made me use your blogspot!

ahlost said...

*LOL* at 'Unker's' comment :D

Didn't know you took video that evening ;)

and why you so kiasu one? so fast jiu post this liao *ROFLMAO*

annna said...

*ahem* here's another gal who'd like to try some smoothies you're going to make. Hahaha..