Monday, December 01, 2008

MAH 7th Anniversary with a White Christmas Dinner

The following night after the Amazing Hunt, I attended the Malaysia Association of Hotels' 7th Anniversary Dinner. The theme for the night was "White Christmas". It was held at the Grand Ballroom Crowne Plaza.

As I arrived at the hotel, the first thing and definitely the best thing I ever saw was half a dozen Santarinas. Oh, my Christmas present sure came early as I gleefully posed beside the prettiest Santarina of them all :)

As I went into the ballroom to meet my colleagues, I took noticed of the decor. The white and pink/purple combination gave the dinner its elegant look. Nice.

It was just a pity that the food had to be quite a let-down. Despite the fact that it was a dinner with a western theme, we were provided with the atypical Chinese cuisine. While the first five dishes of cold dish + sushi, shark fin soup, roasted salmon, spring chicken and deep-fried prawn balls were all alright (OK, the salmon and the prawn balls were great hehe)...the 6th dish was like watching a horror show.

Ew. This was the only dish I could take a photo of. My camera and I weren't buddies on this night.

Seriously, it looked more disgusting than the picture suggests! No, not that I hate vegetables, but in my whole life of eating 8-course Chinese dinners I've never seen such a plain and unappetizing vegetables-dish. Pure vegans would love this, but pure vegan I am not and I would clearly favor the usual stir-fried broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with some sweet gravy.

Meanwhile, the next dish which was the Lotus fried rice was cold. And the desert was a shame. Instead of the fail-safe plain sago dessert the chef of Crowne Plaza had to be funny and made Yam sago dessert...which instead of making feeling comfortable by the end of dinner, I ended up feeling the need to vomit and crap! Even the cream was like Quacker Oats! Urgh!

Anyway, while we had dinner we were entertained by two Australian singers; the female singer was Chelsea J. Gibson, singing Norah Jones' songs as her routine while the male singer was Earl Cole, with songs from Michael Buble as his choice . I was told Chelsea was a semi finalist in the premier season of the Australian Idol...she was alright, though my colleague hated her high pitch. Earl Cole was apparently famous in Perth. He was alright too. In the end of the day, we still pop the question:

Who are they?


Nonetheless, the jazz music for the night was good enough to get a few old folks to the dancefloor. While it was a sight to behold to see my colleagues' big boss dancing away in joy (she was complaining the boring-ness of this event) it was the satarinas dancing that made the otherwise simple night a better night.

I know I'll get to meet that pretty satarina again someday :) After all, Kuching is kinda small.

P.S: This was also the same night where the top 3 winners of the Kuching Amazing Hunt 2008 were presented with their prizes. I think the team from Holiday Inn won it. Oh, and the prizes were presented by YB. Datuk Michael Manyin, our Sarawak Urban Development and Tourism Minister. Much has been said about him but I guess I'll shut my mouth before I kena ISA.


Dennis Ong said...

hey.. i wanna met the santarina too~~