Sunday, December 07, 2008

That ain't Chibi boobs!

Yesterday afternoon I attended Swinburne's I've Anime Chibi Con with Ivan.

As Chibi means "small" in Japanese, I expected the crowd to be, well, chibi. And yea I was right...there wasn't that many people when we arrived.

I should be taking photos of the toys Gundam models and anime figurines, as well as several cosplays (a Naruto, a Sora and a few others I don't know of) that was at the hall...but I wasn't in the mood to take such photos at the time. The lack of a hot babe at the hall probably killed my interests in reporting this event in detail haha.

Nonetheless, there was one particular Gundam model that I liked. Check out this Samurai Gundam. I don't collect Gundam models and I never took a serious interests in it, but boy I don't mind having this at my office.

Uoohh...this speaks awesomeness!

Walking over to the all-female anime figurines most boys would fantasied locking lips with the figurines if there were real-life versions, it was quite interesting to see girls with interesting costume design and holding big swords and big guns. I mean, imagine if you have a girlfriend who's Keeley Hazell-hot and holding a minigun twice your size?

The most interesting figurine of them all though was this:

Who said anime is for kids!?

You call that Chibi??

Anyway, this event wasn't happening to say the least so I left just 15 minutes after arriving at Swinburne. I anticipated the Anime Gathering to be alot better than Chibi Con...which happened the evening on the same day.

Next update: Anime Gathering


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