Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell and fuck off 2009!

Oh 2009, there's a lot of things I didn't like about you.

When you were here, I was forced to spend more than I could afford.

When you were here, I lost some of of my passion at work.

And when you were here, I lost some of my friends too. I even got backstabbed and my trust broken by him and her.

But that's OK 2009, that's OK. You were still nothing to a certain year in which I courted death by depression.

You meant to teach me yet again about the hardships of life. You wanted to teach me about the meaning of hard-work, the meaning of finance, the meaning of friendship and the meaning of trust.

Above all, you handed me a can of humbleness and a simple slap of reality check.

You were also kind enough to let me meet new friends to compesate for the ones I've lost.

And thanks to you, I became more pessimistic than ever before. Because optimism brought me trouble, I shall embrace 2010 with care and caution.

So farewell 2009, and thank you for your kind teachings of life. Now fuck off and bring it on 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

What I didn't blog in: March 2009

Nothing much actually other than seeing cute, pampered dogs at the MKA All Breed Championship Show at Chung Hua Middle School No.1...


...and celebrating the cute Annna's birthday at Starbucks!


Er, happy belated birthday Na? :P

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I didn't blog in: February 2009

This was a month where a lot of Kuching people became bald. No, it wasn't for a fashion trend but it was for a good cause. In fact, it was for the "Give Hope, Go Bald" campaign that was organized by Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.

And I am honored to know a lady who made national headlines with her appearance...


Respect the lady, respect Georgette Tan!

And for your entertainment:


Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I didn't blog in: January 2009

Back in January this year I went to this cafe called the Tarot Cafe. This cafe was in unique in that you can have your future read by a professional Tarot Card reader while your mates can eat and drink (and expecting lots of laugh at your future)

Death sure comes cheap at RM6.90

So yes I had my future read over there. After going through a moment of cleansing, stern instructions and a need of an English-speaking translator ('cause the reader was from China and she speaking no Engrish), I was asked by the card reader the question I would like answered by the Tarot.

It was as simple as "What is my 2009 like"?

The next thing I know I was asked if I have a girlfriend. All I could say was "No" in sheer disappointment.

"Congratulations! You will find your true love this year!!!!"

Now that was some bold answer from Mr. Tarot! Anyway, at the time I was excited to hear that as I was out of the dating scene for quite some time.

Then she ruined the excitement by pointing out the "Tower" card and said "but you must go through barriers in order to get the one you love".

Alamak...then why la the card reader had to congratulate me for??

Other than that, the card told me that I will be working extra hard for the year 2009 and that I could be rich by my mid-40s.

Hmm...I'm not sure if I'm the next Richard Branson yet, but the card was decently accurate on the working hard part. For RM30 I'm not sure if I plan to go back for a 2nd card reading.

As of now though, Mr. Tarot has 19 days to prove that I could find my true love after all...or have I failed already?

Oh yea, Fann Wong came to Kuching as well in that month...but she married already liao...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New PUMA logo, leaked!

After years of using their current logo, PUMA has finally decided to change their logo in their effort to attract new customers and increase their revenue and their brand awareness across the world...

The new logo, codenamed "Pussy" was silently launched at the E-mart supermarket in Kuching.

So make sure you get yourself your PUSSY PUMA (R) today!

On a serious note, there's a lot of updates I want to blog about but my lifestyle right now isn't giving me a lot of time to commit to this blog. Should I...retire from blogging then? :(

Thursday, November 05, 2009

How Facebook ruined one man's happiness.

Before it happened, he was always on Facebook, uploading his latest photographic works and showing us his creativity with his DSLR. Indirectly he also introduced us men to the wonderful beauty of female models he shot; we even got to know their names all thanks to the tagging system of Facebook.

And then, he created a contest. A contest that would changed his life.

The contest was simple; all you needed to do was to send him a photo of yourself, which will be uploaded to Facebook, and people will vote for you by simply clicking the 'Like' button. The prize was studio photographs of yourself, taken none other than the man himself.

It was meant to be a way for the friends and fans of his to vote the contestant that was the most photogenic, or simply to support the contestant he or she knew. It was meant to dig out the potential models for photographers to take for their creative shoots.

It was meant to be harmless fun.

But things took turn for the worst, when some contestants decided to abuse the tagging system of Facebook and literally spam anyone and everyone they could...all in the name of begging them to 'Like' them and score voting points.

"Congratulations, Mr. Bean! You look like shite but because you tag everyone including Kim Jong Il, squeezed your balls as you beg your mother to open a Facebook account just to vote for you and even paid some kids to click 'Like' on your photo, you have qualified to the next round and defeated the likes of Brad Pitt, Cristiano Ronaldo and Clouded Pawn!"

It was a shameless cheat.

And then like wildfire, the 'victims' of being tagged by the cheating contestants got annoyed. Really annoyed.

As a result of such annoyance, someone created a Facebook fan group and called it "the man's contest is stupid".

Most people who joined this group were complaining about how he or she had so many tag notifications by contestants they don't know and they don't like. But upon further reading, it was more than just complains; this group took the opportunity to really bitch about him:

"He's a homosexual and he is washing his eyes with the attractive guys"

"He's not handsome enough that's why he started this whole contest"

"Sending your photos to him is like sending your virgin body to him, girls!"

"He FAILED in everything!!!! ROFL!!!!"

Those are some of the actual comments on the page.

And as more and more "haters" joined this group, you could tell the maturity of the group; comments such as "I'm the 1022nd fan! WOW!" and "LOLs!" was quite a clear indication of their mentality really.

What they don't realized though is how nasty they were to this man. Because some moronic contestant(s) decided to tag people, he gets the stick? Because your email account was flooded with notifications you can call this man whatever you want? Because you envy him you want to take him down?

Maybe some do really hate him. Some said he was such a big liar, a hypocrite, a pervert. But even if he could be all of the above, what gives these people the right to insult him and ruin some bit of his reputation in such a public site like Facebook?

And now thanks to the group, he would like to stop using Facebook for the time being. A victory to the bastard who created the group, and misery to the man who only wanted to have fun.

Your thoughts? I might continue writing but I would like to read your point of views first.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wacoal Lingerie Fashion Show & Pink Ribbon Campaign

Earlier this month I went to check out Ms. Carmen Soo & Ms. Elaine Daly who were both in Kuching for the launching of the Wacoal Pink Ribbon Campaign.

I've never seen them up close before so I was obviously excited to see how beautiful they are in my own eyes.

While waiting for their appearance though, I had to see some Wacoal bras (and a slip-up by one of the models!) :

Ladies what do you think of the bras/fashion? And my...Carmen is really hot!

There were speeches by both of them but I could hardly hear them, thanks to the poor sound.

Could you hear what they are saying?

Anyway, after the speech they proceed to launch the campaign with a bunch of senior managers of their respective companies.

And that was it. And they left. Gee, not even a photoshoot with the crowd :(

Oh well, I'm sure I'll see them again somehow in the future. In the meantime, let us support this campaign!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Krista Centurion Tanglung Night 2009

Finally after so long, I've finished the video of the Krista Taman Centurion Tanglung Night!

Seen the video? Do comment about it yea! :)

To put in short, it was quite an pleasant sight to see the children running around, playing catch and being amazed with the presence of the Chipsmore Mascot and the cute hamsters :)

Initially I felt pretty old with the kids around but thanks so some of the bloggers who play and jump around like kids (and they're adults by the way!) I felt like a little kid myself!

I'm looking forward to do a better job in recording the next video for Krista's annual event such as this.

Oh I must thank Krista Taman Centurion for the goodie bag!

Inside the goodie bag was the following:-

Can you guess all of the above?

P.S. And yes, it took me 20 days to finish the video...if you count in the cost of time for sleeping and being lazy planning a video that is actually interesting to watch rather than simply uploading an unedited video to YouTube!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge - Part 2

I'll be honest: I never enjoyed my meals at Sushi King. I never enjoyed the tiny, plain and/or expensive dishes they serve and their sushi's freshness was never consistent, especially their salmon.

But this challenge is very interesting indeed. Such challenge don't occur very often. And hence I visited the Sushi King at The Spring last week.

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet:

The battlefield.

For the challenge you could choose between a big bowl of "Soba" noodles or a big bowl of "Udon" noodles. As seen from Part 1, my friend took the "Soba" noodles in which he failed to finished and hence having to pay a hefty RM38.80. Ouch!

I wanted the "Udon" set just to be different from his; unfortunately Sushi King didn't had enough "Udon" noodles to meet the criteria for the big bowl challenge :(

Lucky me though, as the branch manager at Sushi King told me it was harder to finish the "Udon" noodles due to the nature of the noodles (thicker, and such noodles absorbed the freaking hot soup much more).

And nobody finished the "Udon" set ever. So I'll stick to "Soba" then.

To let the whole customers at the restaurant know a challenge is going on, the management of Sushi King provided this big alarm clock as a countdown timer.

Shaped like a cheese grater, it was intimidating to look at while you rush to finish that big bowl!

Oh, I had to fill up some "insurance form".

Filling this form gave me the impression that I was on death row.

And now the moment you've been waiting for. Here's Part 2 of the Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge video!

If you ask me, I'll think twice now if Sushi King is having the same challenge next year!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge - Part 1

On Tuesday my friend and I took up this daring challenge:-

I wouldn't go into details tonight, but I'll let you guys enjoy this video yea!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya, Mr. Bear!

Earlier this morning I was at Memory Lane to buy a card for my mom's birthday. While I was browsing though the cards the shop had to offer, a little girl poked me and said:

"You Bear!"

I was quite confused and I simply replied "Me, bear?"

"YA! You that one!"

She pointed to one direction, and I can't help but to look to where she was pointing:-

Ha ha...very funny ho little girl...(-___-'')

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim and non-Muslim readers of mine! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

She's a beauty with a purpose

Congratulations to April for winning the Breeze Magazine's Model Search!

Five years ago, I met a beautiful acquittance back in college. At the time I was selling a video CD of a college play, and she was interested to buy one from me. We only met once as for her to collect the video (and I was to collect her RM10, which in student terms that was some decent money!).

Who would have thought five years on, I would end up returning the favour to her.

If only I knew she was to be the Miss Malaysia World 2008 back then...

In any case, I ordered this CD from Speedy Video and I was pleasantly surprised that Soo Wincci's debut album was selling at only a mere RM21.90. Even if it's just six songs...

...and three of them are the same song in three different language.

Despite the few songs, I'm in support for musicians I actually met before so buying the original CD was never without any hesitation for me in this case.

Other than the usual lyrics section, this album includes a postcard and a small photo album of her. OK la for RM21.90!

If you're a fan of her, or you are charmed by her beauty you should have Soo Wincci's album with you already. For those who needs a bit of convincing though I'll let her voice do the persuasion.

Here's her debut song "Beauty with a Purpose (English version)":-

Sunday, September 06, 2009

St. Thomas Parish Sales 2009

Yesterday I've attended the annual St. Thomas Parish Sale. The last time I attended this event was when I was in Form 5?

It started around 7.30a.m so I thought I would bring my brother along for breakfast. Sure enough there was plenty of food to choose. But we decided to look around before buying so we ended up seeing...

...old books...

...old clothes (plenty from the 90s!)...

...and old yet super-cheap cups.

As it was very much a food fair, such non-food related items are limited to a small room. So we keeping walking, looking for food...

...and looked somemore...

...only to buy some kuih/cakes for a quick bite before heading to Carpenter Street for breakfast. I did managed to buy a couple of chicken pies off the Interact Club from St. Mary's. It was decent at best.

But really, I guess we didn't end up eating at the Parish Sale 'cause a lot of shops were selling similar items (chicken rice, chicken wings, lemang) and a number of them don't exactly look appetizing. Can't blame them since it was cooked for the masses.

Ever since I could remember this event has always been the same as it was before. It does made me wonder how to make this event a more happening event, rather the low level of excitement the Parish sale has indicated over the years.

Not too keen to really think right now, but I believe for a start creative names could be used to improve the event... this one for example.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Green International Festival Kuching 2009 - Part 2

Click here for Part 1

Oi! Oi! Oi! It's the United Kids of Oi!

Fourteen year old Sharon Lugun was up next. She's well known as part of the members of "Kani'd", a group which performed at the Rainforest Music Festival last year.

A fashion catwalk was done as part of a break from all the rock music madness. If I'm not mistaken three participants of the "Breeze Model Search" are in this fashion catwalk.
No recordings was done for the males (cause I'm a sexist!)

Next is the end of the fashion show.

Back to rocking, Mayze style.

It's Khai!

The last band to perform, and none other than Visualies.

To be honest, my battery was low halfway through this concert so I had to be selective with my recordings. A thousand apologies to the bands Dyerbreed, Dream Machine, Number, Christopher Kho and those that I missed out as such.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Green International Festival Kuching 2009 - Concert Preview

Tonight, the rockers of Kuching will be performing at the newly built Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK).

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet then shame on you! This event is officially the first event of BCCK and because it's the first, I can assure you the BCCK crew will show off their five-star standard and redefine the meaning of 'quality standards' for events in Kuching.

Here are some photos of the event's rehearsal last night, which features the band 'Khai':

And if you need a preview of what Kuching rock sounds like here's one for you:

So let's rock on tonight! See you at BCCK!

P.S. For you males with raging hormones, the models of Breeze magazine will be there too ;)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

When Bryan Robson visited Malaysia

I'm BACK! Sorry I didn't tell you guys I was on a two and a half week break (also known as lazy!) from blogging.

Anyway, I went to KL a couple of weeks back to watch Manchester United play against our very own Malaysia Select XI. While I was there, I discovered from my friend that Bryan Robson, an ex-Man United player will be visiting the Manchester United Supporters' Club Malaysia for an autograph session.

Knowing that I would never have this opportunity again in a long time (or rather, knowing that getting signatures from the current United squad is almost impossible here with the kind of security they have at the stadium) I rushed to the place.

The supporters' club is a house located in SS2...I still can't believe I have never seen or heard of this place while I was working in KL!

When I arrived, the house was packed with the Red Army.

I was told Robson would come around 11 a.m. but at 12 plus he still hasn't showed up. A couple of fans had a bit of some glamour moments:-

Thankfully, it was another 15 minutes before he finally arrived in an Audi A4 Avant:-

As you can see, I was so excited so see him I dropped my pen while I was going to shake his hand, as well as forgetting all about recording at that moment in time...

And then I had to queue for his signature. The wait was sure long so I got bored and took a photo of a boy...

..and a chick, though not obvious.

(can you see a chick?)

By 1.30p.m. I was just about to go into the was that many people!

(The best thing about this supporters' club is that they do sell retro 1999 jerseys!)

I saw a set of United goalkeeper kits on the 2nd floor of the house while I was just 10 fans away from 'Robbo's' signature... rare and lovely! just 5 fans away to a priceless moment...this has to happen:

NOOO!!!!! I WAS SO CLOSE!!!!!! :(

So my consolation? A visit to the shrine of Eric Cantona at the house instead:

Despite missing out on Robbo's autograph, I'm really glad I visited this Supporters' Club. Fantastic place I tell you!

And oh, a pose with a rare artist impression of the famous Ryan Giggs' goal against Arsenal back in 1999:

And just in case you can't relate the significance of this photo:


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 - Night

For those who missed out on the RWMF 2009 here are the video clips from the night!

The opening performance was by Asika from the West side of Malaysia:-

Personally, I think it's not the kind of music we were expecting for an opening. I mean, we would want a more up-beat music to start, no? At least on their third song it was more upbeat and I saw people imitating a Malay slow dance.

Anyway, next is our local group Lan-E Tuyang with their sapes:-'s a peaceful tune...but I was more tempo!

The fun part from this session though was when one of the members performed the Dayak warrior's dance:

This got the crowd doing the Dayak warrior screams!

Fahriee and I thought the third performance will be a slow tempo we thought it would be better to head back to our camp and drink.

We were initially right with the group playing a slow tune as well...until they suddenly increased the tempo! From their first performance alone Oudaden from Morocco certainly got the crowd going...and we rushed back to the party area to dance!

Oh they're good...a bit repetitive on some parts though.

Up next was the Finnish band Jouhiorkestari:

I guess it's not the most appealing music to dance to. By this time it was my third can of beer.

Moving on, we got ourselves a Kiwi treatment from the New Zealand group Moana and the Tribe:-

Apologies for the extreme bass in the video. They are entertaining :)

On to the 6th performance...from the US of A, Jeff and Vida with their country-music! YEEEEEHHAAAA!!

Seriously, I don't fancy country music. Somehow the crowd could dance to it so my group also follow....

The last performance was by Dazkarieh from Portugal was clearly the best of them all. First, it was rock music (yea!) and second the group has one HOT looking singer (Woo hoo!)

Sadly, I was standing right in front of an amplifier and my camera doesn't handle loud noise the audio was crap :(

But still, I love this band!

(By the way, anyone know what was that musical instrument the guy on the left is using?)

Just a shame their CD is like RM80....very the expensive la...

So ends the RMWF 2009. I really think last year's overall music group had a much better music for the crowd to dance to than this year's.

*More pictures to upload actually, so there'll be a full version of this entry...should be up next week*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 - Day

*Aiya, this is long entry leh...*

Ah yes, the RWMF. I loved the previous one as it was my first time last year. The mud, the crazy crowd, the pretty women...and most importantly the music! As such, I hope for the same excitement as I had the last time.

So on Saturday 11 July, I followed Cyril's ride together with his love Emillia and we arrived at Sarawak Cultural Village around 11 plus. It was kinda early so we had 1st class (ok, 2nd class according to Emillia) parking spot (within 90 seconds of walking to the entrance!).

We were greeted with masked volunteers at the site, all thanks to that H1N1 Swine flu. After I showed my ticket, I was introduced to screening process commonly seen at the airport. A volunteer scanned me...which felt funny 'cause the scanner he had looks exactly like a metal detector but instead scans for virus not metal.

And no, I didn't even bother to wear a mask for this event. Seriously, swine flu is nothing compared to SARS. And I took a flight when it was during the SARS madness.

This was Cyril's first visit to SCV after 10 hence I needed to do a 'tourist guide' work. After bring the couple on a Sarawak Cultural Village tour, we stopped at the SCV restaurant to meet up with Fahriee; together we waited for this event to happen:

It was a bloggers gathering hosted by Cyril himself. Nine of us showed up, and had a good laugh together. And I won a laughable prize!

This was the abstract from inside the prize box:

"Unfortunately, we ran out of cash while preparing the prizes"

In short, it was awesome to meet new friends and teachers :)

(click here for the list of names)
(yes, I am lazy to list out the names now)

Alright, now for our very first workshop at the Iban longhouse!

The workshop is called Hit Makers. Awesome!

The guys from Sekaa Jaya Jenggala are cool!

Cicak! Cicak! Cicak!

And is that Dr. Einstein on the violin??

And finally, a mash up of all the other instruments! Apologies for not recording some of the instruments earlier.

OK, so the mash-up didn't turn out to be the nicest rhythm...

Oh, I saw a familiar guy at the workshop:

That's Kenny Sia, working hard!

Anyway, after the 1st workshop session we walked out of the Iban longhouse to get some fake tattoos. Because we took such a long time deciding on tattoo designs (and some fat bitch jumped queue over Fahriee), we missed both the 2nd and 3rd workshop sessions!

And the tattoos ain't cheap; I wanted two "bunga terung" designs but that'll cost me RM50!!!

But it was for the occasion of the day...and I do kinda like my, er, small tattoo. (RM10 for that by the way...) I met up with my two other friends Christian and Amelia too while I got airbrushed tattooed.

Oh, and had we stayed on for the workshops I possibly wouldn't have pose with a couple of cute Koreans :)

Not long after, hunger stuck and we decided to visit the food canteen area. On the way though we saw an outdoor performance...

...visited the Celcom X-Pax booth...

...and a compulsory visit to the Heineken booth upon arrival at the food canteen. Heh.

As expected, the food was at tourist rates. Our kebabs were RM10 per person. Thankfully the beer wasn't that expensive at RM8 (I was expecting RM12 to be honest).

By this time it was like around 5.30pm already, so Fahriee and I went to set up our 'camp' at the main staging area while the rest did their own walkabouts first.

Managed to meet and pose with the beautiful and lovely Aliceson and Angela of Miss Sarawak Leisure on the way there :)

So here's the surroundings of our camp:

And finally some random photos before the big event:

Stay tune for the 2nd part soon! And as you can tell I got lazy to continue writing liao so good night :)

[Thanks to Carol, Fahriee, Cyril and Emillia for the photos :) ]