Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dreamt of: Surfing porn with a teacher

As I struggled to upload videos online with the often pathetic Streamyx internet connection (even at my office which had a higher connection speed!), I decided that I would do dream blog to keep this site alive.

A couple of days ago I dream that I was in a high school...a school more Western than Malaysian. However, I was in a Malaysian school uniform. I happened to be in a computer room, not just with my fellow classmates but with teachers as well. It seems that I was able to surf Facebook, YouTube and a few porno sites...with a female teacher sitting right beside me! More interestingly the teacher looked like she's one of the Japanese AV Idol in some "Horny Teacher" series.

Somehow I got punished together with two other childhood friends of mine (Alvin & Daniel) for no reason (can't be the porn sites right??) and we were given no lunch and demerit points as punishment. In addition, we were also summoned to go to a small wooden building that was some distance away from the school. As we walked to the building, which was quite kampung-like, we were escorted by the school prefects who were acting just like the Schutzstaffel.

As we entered the building, I realised that there were many primary school kids playing inside. There was this particular corner that caught our attention: four Primary 1 kids playing mahjong!! The mahjong sets were even home-made; a combination of manila cards, tied together with erasers using rubber bands to give the impression of the mahjong tiles. Fucking creative I tell you.

After about an hour watching these kids playing mahjong, we were then rudely instructed by the senior prefects to leave the place and head back to class. As we leave the main door, to my amusement the prefects decided to lock the place using...giant ropes??? You know, the kind of rope that was used to lift blocks of concrete? What's more funny was that they literally tied the whole damn kampung house with the ropes!

As I was walking back to class, I realised that I was walking back with a pair of cheap slippers; funny how I was not punished for that. The walk was long and sandy nonetheless.

I was then back in the same computer room...I discovered I was slowly barred from visiting the sites that was otherwise uneducational (yeap, just like the colleges and unis in Malaysia huh?). Strangely enough my own computer's antivirus program was uninstalled to make way for the school's antivirus program instead.

The last bit I remembered was me complaining to some of my school friends in SMSJ (Sek. Men. Subang Jaya)....and then I woke up at 8.35am, making me slightly late to work.

Honestly, what the hell is the meaning of this dream??

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How do you choose your fight in life?

This is a ranting entry. Please ignore after 24 hours or you had 10 shots of tequila.

It has only been 13 days since the start of 2009 but my year has gotten disturbingly interesting already.

See, I have this dilemma of late. Let's call this dilemma "Life". Life can be such a wonderful thing, and yet nothing but a bitch too.

I'm not saying that my life sucks (I mean, my life sucks all the time but I'm gonna deny it for now); I'm just complaining of why life has to churn out its fugly butt that is nicknamed "challenges and barriers".

Of course, when my life is on its "hey-I'm-gonna-make-you-feel-like-shit" moment, I'll whine about it but I fight to get out of that miserable moment. And being a Scorpio, I make sure I do whatever it takes to win that fight, making me happy in the end.

But that's when my headache starts. What kind of a fight will I put up to end up smiling like Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester United defeated Chelsea?

Should I fight for something that I really want...that one particular thing that will make me happy? For example securing my job and making sure I am the employee my boss loves ...buying a product that I've always wanted...winning a girl's heart?

Or should I fight for something else or better? Something that may be more inclined to make me happier than what I initially wanted? Like say getting a job with better salary and better recognition...spending money for the brand new, more superior version of a product I've wanted (which is obviously more expensive)...finding a prettier girl that may love you more rather than the one you thought could be Mrs. Right?

Some say the latter is an act of greed, simply giving up on what your original desires were and like chasing butterflies. On the other side of the coin, the former shows a lack of having a high standard of living, ambition, and missing out opportunities. Both however can give me happiness. Both could also make me miserable if the fighting fails.

The best answer of course is to do both. But even then that can't be done all the time. You still have to choose when you have cases like:

  • "I know I can do better at my job now, and yet I like the offer I just got"
  • "Finally, I can afford this camera but the new one may br more worth it"
  • "I love her...but am I willing to commit? Or am I better off with someone else?"
So you see, it's really complicated. And to be honest with you, from all that bullshit I typed for the last hour was simply a way of saying:


So seriously, what approach would you take?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sing for the New Year @ Red Coliseum

Emmelina, Calvin, Louis, Alvin and I went to Red Coliseum Karaoke, a new place to sing besides Enter-K, Pop Wave and a bunch of dodgy pubs in Kuching. This was about two hours after we left Studio 23, so I could say my first day of the new year was well preoccupied.

(I didn't photoshop the colours, honest!)

Just look at the colourful signage! Of all the karaoke centres I went, this one takes the cake as the most impressive KTV I've been to so far.

Shame the interior was a far cry from the very remarkable entrance. If you've been to Pop Wave before then you're in for a familiar feel. Even the room feels like Pop Wave, only with a better sofa and a better AV equipment.

Fortunately though the fees are the same as Pop Wave (RM28 for two drinks)...only without the potato chips.

But enough of the review. Let's hear Mr. Allen Ang sing!

And of course, Ms. Amber Chia...I mean, Emmelina Chia :D

Sadly, the audio doesn't justify their real singing abilities. Why not you join us for a session and you'll understand what I mean :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sweating it out @ Studio 23

For the first day of the new year, I attended the opening of the Studio 23.

Now before you guys jumped to conclusion, I wasn't there because I want to take up belly dancing. I mean I could, but it is not a sight to behold watching a Michelin-inspired belly of mine doing such dance and putting shame to the founders of belly dancing and to the alpha-males!

I was there to see a hot babe doing belly dancing. Specifically, I was there to watch Amber Chia's sister Emmelina doing what she loves and also to check out the other dancers the Studio's workshops.

The studio reminded me of KLPAC, only much smaller, and with the cute round blocks that gave the studio some funkiness. The first blogger I recognised after greeting Emmelina was Georgette Tan, which I quickly sit beside her to talk and have a good view of the coming performance.

The owners Albert and Serina are the main instructors for the studio; Serina the leading teacher for the dances (Modern Jazz, Flamenco, Belly Dance & Line Dance), while Albert is the sifu for the more manly stuff (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Crazy Monkey Defense and Fizfit Core Strength).

(Aww..what a lovely couple!)

The studio opened with its first modern jazz performance:

Followed by the 2nd performance:

After the performance, Georgette was dragged to do the beginner's workshop for the modern jazz.

She looked like enjoyed it :)

After the trial run, came in the 3rd performance:

The next workshop was the Flamenco.

After briefly describing the history of Flamenco, she showed us the style:

Together with Emmelina:

After that was the belly dancing (also known as the Middle-Eastern dance, but that's not sexy). Unfortunately, as Selina taught us about how belly dancing works with the music, my camera's battery went flat. ARGH! :(

Finger dancing: The 1st step to understanding how belly dancing works??

All that sexy belly dancing that I couldn't show you guys :( :( :(

Anyway, after that there was a break and chit-chat with fellow bloggers Allen, Louis and Calvin while we all praised Emmelina's skills in dancing. Then we went downstairs to the gym, where Albert showed the men's equivalent to dancing: the tough love of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Crazy Monkey Defense and the Fizfit Core Strength.

Now, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Crazy Monkey Defense (a varient of boxing actually) are both very good form of martial arts. But because it was also dangerous to demonstate the real effects of both forms to the public, Albert and his friend had to show the beginner's way to learning the two. And that turned them looking like gays making love the martial art forms looking unconvincing.

I took up Tae Kwon Do before, so when I saw a face-blocking technique of a Crazy Monkey Defense (a mixture of your standard boxing block plus how you would shampoo your hair)...honestly, if I did that in my Tae Kwon Do training my sensei would kick me in the nuts and make me run around a field till he's happy!

So we moved on to the Fizfit Core Strength and I volunteered to be the class clown together with Calvin and an aunty. I supposed around this time Louis' sister Lydia arrived at the studio too.

Now, Emmelina has was warned me of a painful session but this exercise seemed to look easy; I quietly boasted that I could do whatever Master Albert could do without much of an issue.

Well now, Emmelina was right wasn't she? Fuck, this exercise's freaking tough!


At the end of the session all I can say was I'm happy it was done. I also managed to show a 30-40 odd strangers that I AM NOT FIT. Heck, the middle-age lady beside me was fitter than me. Bummer.

After the torture, the opening of Studio 23 came to its conclusion and we bloggers played around with monkey bars before we left.

I have to thank Emmelina for inviting me over to this place; I now have a new year's resolution...which is to get fit (and fat) of course!

So for those of you who are living in Kuching and in need of an exercise, consider taking up the courses at Studio 23. You can find out more information like their schedules and price rates at their website While I'm not yet a member, I can bet with you I will be sometime in the near future!

You can read more and view more pictures about the opening at Emmelina's blog, as well as Louis', Calvin's and Allen's blog. Thanks to Emmelina and Louis for the pix!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Lonely Figure

Here's a teaser for the next update:

More about the room as soon as I can get my videos up on YouTube.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

2008. What a year.

If I could sum up what 2008 was like for me, I would say it was a bad first half, good second half.
I'll probably write about 2008 anytime this month.

Anyway, I was at The Core to celebrate the new year with my mates Alvin, Moses, Frankie and his friend. Oh, not to forget the only lady at our table Lydia, who I would like to apologize for not having any other girlfriends to entertain her while we men talked the man-talk.

Meet the Kuching Backstreet Boys, all white and high!

Lots of people were celebrating at the club too...and a few pretty girls too! And while The Core is well known to be a dwelling for the Ah Bengs and the Ah Lians, the crowd on that night wasn't just limited to that; there was a share of people from a more mature group sitting behind us, and kids fresh out of high school sitting beside us.

Useless information nonetheless.

Here's a more useful info: Our bottle of Chivas was at RM250 and no booking deposit required. Not like some silly pub like Terminal One, charging us RM500 booking deposit for a table plus another RM350 for a bottle of Chivas. Madness!

Beauty and the Retard.

Originally though, I wanted to celebrate at MOJO and have glasses of red wine rather than shots of hard liquor, but thanks to space lo.

I had a good night drinking though, and The Core's girls to drool at crowd was alright so I don't mind coming back here for drinks. Oh, and good music too...a good mix of trance and hip-hop; no Chinese techno thankfully!

One thing: I didn't get drunk yet again (curse my luck for being the driver!). Next year, renting an apartment and getting wasted is the priority!

(damn it, I'm annoyed at my own voice!)

I hope you enjoyed your new year's eve :) Happy new year and may your 2009 be better than 2008!