Friday, January 02, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

2008. What a year.

If I could sum up what 2008 was like for me, I would say it was a bad first half, good second half.
I'll probably write about 2008 anytime this month.

Anyway, I was at The Core to celebrate the new year with my mates Alvin, Moses, Frankie and his friend. Oh, not to forget the only lady at our table Lydia, who I would like to apologize for not having any other girlfriends to entertain her while we men talked the man-talk.

Meet the Kuching Backstreet Boys, all white and high!

Lots of people were celebrating at the club too...and a few pretty girls too! And while The Core is well known to be a dwelling for the Ah Bengs and the Ah Lians, the crowd on that night wasn't just limited to that; there was a share of people from a more mature group sitting behind us, and kids fresh out of high school sitting beside us.

Useless information nonetheless.

Here's a more useful info: Our bottle of Chivas was at RM250 and no booking deposit required. Not like some silly pub like Terminal One, charging us RM500 booking deposit for a table plus another RM350 for a bottle of Chivas. Madness!

Beauty and the Retard.

Originally though, I wanted to celebrate at MOJO and have glasses of red wine rather than shots of hard liquor, but thanks to space lo.

I had a good night drinking though, and The Core's girls to drool at crowd was alright so I don't mind coming back here for drinks. Oh, and good music too...a good mix of trance and hip-hop; no Chinese techno thankfully!

One thing: I didn't get drunk yet again (curse my luck for being the driver!). Next year, renting an apartment and getting wasted is the priority!

(damn it, I'm annoyed at my own voice!)

I hope you enjoyed your new year's eve :) Happy new year and may your 2009 be better than 2008!


M said...

Ah Mike is seriously into videos nowadays huh. Haha. Btw, how come only Lydia? Debbie leh?

Ah_Mike said...

Heh, what to do I take lousy photos so I have to make it up for videos.

Debbie didn't want to go, and Violet ended up celebrating with her bf at 13 Mile (!). So yea only Lydia was left :/ Time to make more female friends huh?

Lisalicious said...

haha that retard and beauty photo really make me laugh

ahlost said...

No wonder the background was so noisy when you called but didn't talk to me @.@

Rupa-rupanya you're at Core !!

I was rotting at home not going anywhere *ROFLMAO*

Funkye said...

cheeky mike...tat pic rocks..hahaha

hey whrs my pic? send me la...

Ah_Mike said...

Lisalicious: Hehe :P

Rose: Aiya! I've trying to talk to you leh but it seems like my voice so damn soft on my phone nowadays...anyway I should've sms you about the core =/

Funkye: lol ok will send to you a.s.a.p~!