Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How do you choose your fight in life?

This is a ranting entry. Please ignore after 24 hours or you had 10 shots of tequila.

It has only been 13 days since the start of 2009 but my year has gotten disturbingly interesting already.

See, I have this dilemma of late. Let's call this dilemma "Life". Life can be such a wonderful thing, and yet nothing but a bitch too.

I'm not saying that my life sucks (I mean, my life sucks all the time but I'm gonna deny it for now); I'm just complaining of why life has to churn out its fugly butt that is nicknamed "challenges and barriers".

Of course, when my life is on its "hey-I'm-gonna-make-you-feel-like-shit" moment, I'll whine about it but I fight to get out of that miserable moment. And being a Scorpio, I make sure I do whatever it takes to win that fight, making me happy in the end.

But that's when my headache starts. What kind of a fight will I put up to end up smiling like Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester United defeated Chelsea?

Should I fight for something that I really want...that one particular thing that will make me happy? For example securing my job and making sure I am the employee my boss loves ...buying a product that I've always wanted...winning a girl's heart?

Or should I fight for something else or better? Something that may be more inclined to make me happier than what I initially wanted? Like say getting a job with better salary and better recognition...spending money for the brand new, more superior version of a product I've wanted (which is obviously more expensive)...finding a prettier girl that may love you more rather than the one you thought could be Mrs. Right?

Some say the latter is an act of greed, simply giving up on what your original desires were and like chasing butterflies. On the other side of the coin, the former shows a lack of having a high standard of living, ambition, and missing out opportunities. Both however can give me happiness. Both could also make me miserable if the fighting fails.

The best answer of course is to do both. But even then that can't be done all the time. You still have to choose when you have cases like:

  • "I know I can do better at my job now, and yet I like the offer I just got"
  • "Finally, I can afford this camera but the new one may br more worth it"
  • "I love her...but am I willing to commit? Or am I better off with someone else?"
So you see, it's really complicated. And to be honest with you, from all that bullshit I typed for the last hour was simply a way of saying:


So seriously, what approach would you take?


M said...

Hey, I didn't know you've been having a rough time recently... sorry for still bugging you. Haha.

ahlost said...

Hope you're feeling better now :)