Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sing for the New Year @ Red Coliseum

Emmelina, Calvin, Louis, Alvin and I went to Red Coliseum Karaoke, a new place to sing besides Enter-K, Pop Wave and a bunch of dodgy pubs in Kuching. This was about two hours after we left Studio 23, so I could say my first day of the new year was well preoccupied.

(I didn't photoshop the colours, honest!)

Just look at the colourful signage! Of all the karaoke centres I went, this one takes the cake as the most impressive KTV I've been to so far.

Shame the interior was a far cry from the very remarkable entrance. If you've been to Pop Wave before then you're in for a familiar feel. Even the room feels like Pop Wave, only with a better sofa and a better AV equipment.

Fortunately though the fees are the same as Pop Wave (RM28 for two drinks)...only without the potato chips.

But enough of the review. Let's hear Mr. Allen Ang sing!

And of course, Ms. Amber Chia...I mean, Emmelina Chia :D

Sadly, the audio doesn't justify their real singing abilities. Why not you join us for a session and you'll understand what I mean :)


ahlost said...

Wuisehhh... Why Allen sing that song ah? *LOL*

Louis said...

erm...brada... correction.

i dont think i went to sing with u guys that night. LOL...

if u did see me that night... then..erm... let's not say it out loud....AAAHHHHHH

allen said...

you posted that vid!
You evil!


allen said...

let's get louis sing with us..

i wanna go for vocal lessons!

cal81 said...

i wanna go 2! =p