Monday, January 05, 2009

Sweating it out @ Studio 23

For the first day of the new year, I attended the opening of the Studio 23.

Now before you guys jumped to conclusion, I wasn't there because I want to take up belly dancing. I mean I could, but it is not a sight to behold watching a Michelin-inspired belly of mine doing such dance and putting shame to the founders of belly dancing and to the alpha-males!

I was there to see a hot babe doing belly dancing. Specifically, I was there to watch Amber Chia's sister Emmelina doing what she loves and also to check out the other dancers the Studio's workshops.

The studio reminded me of KLPAC, only much smaller, and with the cute round blocks that gave the studio some funkiness. The first blogger I recognised after greeting Emmelina was Georgette Tan, which I quickly sit beside her to talk and have a good view of the coming performance.

The owners Albert and Serina are the main instructors for the studio; Serina the leading teacher for the dances (Modern Jazz, Flamenco, Belly Dance & Line Dance), while Albert is the sifu for the more manly stuff (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Crazy Monkey Defense and Fizfit Core Strength).

(Aww..what a lovely couple!)

The studio opened with its first modern jazz performance:

Followed by the 2nd performance:

After the performance, Georgette was dragged to do the beginner's workshop for the modern jazz.

She looked like enjoyed it :)

After the trial run, came in the 3rd performance:

The next workshop was the Flamenco.

After briefly describing the history of Flamenco, she showed us the style:

Together with Emmelina:

After that was the belly dancing (also known as the Middle-Eastern dance, but that's not sexy). Unfortunately, as Selina taught us about how belly dancing works with the music, my camera's battery went flat. ARGH! :(

Finger dancing: The 1st step to understanding how belly dancing works??

All that sexy belly dancing that I couldn't show you guys :( :( :(

Anyway, after that there was a break and chit-chat with fellow bloggers Allen, Louis and Calvin while we all praised Emmelina's skills in dancing. Then we went downstairs to the gym, where Albert showed the men's equivalent to dancing: the tough love of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Crazy Monkey Defense and the Fizfit Core Strength.

Now, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Crazy Monkey Defense (a varient of boxing actually) are both very good form of martial arts. But because it was also dangerous to demonstate the real effects of both forms to the public, Albert and his friend had to show the beginner's way to learning the two. And that turned them looking like gays making love the martial art forms looking unconvincing.

I took up Tae Kwon Do before, so when I saw a face-blocking technique of a Crazy Monkey Defense (a mixture of your standard boxing block plus how you would shampoo your hair)...honestly, if I did that in my Tae Kwon Do training my sensei would kick me in the nuts and make me run around a field till he's happy!

So we moved on to the Fizfit Core Strength and I volunteered to be the class clown together with Calvin and an aunty. I supposed around this time Louis' sister Lydia arrived at the studio too.

Now, Emmelina has was warned me of a painful session but this exercise seemed to look easy; I quietly boasted that I could do whatever Master Albert could do without much of an issue.

Well now, Emmelina was right wasn't she? Fuck, this exercise's freaking tough!


At the end of the session all I can say was I'm happy it was done. I also managed to show a 30-40 odd strangers that I AM NOT FIT. Heck, the middle-age lady beside me was fitter than me. Bummer.

After the torture, the opening of Studio 23 came to its conclusion and we bloggers played around with monkey bars before we left.

I have to thank Emmelina for inviting me over to this place; I now have a new year's resolution...which is to get fit (and fat) of course!

So for those of you who are living in Kuching and in need of an exercise, consider taking up the courses at Studio 23. You can find out more information like their schedules and price rates at their website While I'm not yet a member, I can bet with you I will be sometime in the near future!

You can read more and view more pictures about the opening at Emmelina's blog, as well as Louis', Calvin's and Allen's blog. Thanks to Emmelina and Louis for the pix!


Yee Lin said...

yo ah ky
haha interesting things u get to do in kuching. where the hell is this place?

hrmm is it a fitnes concept studio or a true dance studio.

for a true dance studio, i thihnk i've seen better dancers

anywya interseting thing.. ahha we shoudl go for one class when i go back next.b
btw chekc ur facebook in box. there's a link to all the chinatown hotels which may be a better deal than ur hotel 81

ahlost said...

*LOL* I'm supposed to go for this too but then need to do house cleaning on that day T__T

But it's funny when I see your pic doing that Core Strength thingy :D

Ah_Mike said...

yee lin: it's both a fitness and dance centre. Well, you're comparing the dancers to which one? Singapore gah?

ahlost: ahahaha everyone seem to love that constipated look of mine -____-