Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dreamt of: The passengers in my car

Opps...I've completely forgotten about blogging since Chinese New Year! Though it's the year of the Ox now, I'm still struggling to upload videos of Fann Wong and Anna's catwalk (both are supposed to be January's entry...). Oh, and I got myself a bad flu since last week. Sigh. Well, this blog is not dead that's for sure!

Apparently it was February 12, which I suspected it was a Friday.

Ivan and I were having a laugh while we had a discussion on where to go. I believed we planned to go for a movie. Later, our friend Chok came to join us. We took my car (and I drove); as we past Kuching's Jambu Restaurant, I asked:

"Don't we have an English class to go to right now?"

After a brief silence, we decided to ponteng (skip) class and keep driving to our destination. Somehow though, we didn't end going to where we wanna go.

Suddenly, the scene changed to another driving scenario. Ivan was still with me, but we were sitting at the back of the car. No sight of Chok; rather it was my KL friend Yun Hui sitting at the front passenger seat and a stranger driving my car.We drove to a place that feels like a KFC restaurant, but instead of fried chickens we chicken feet with bones???

After makan (eating) we left and drove on. Suddenly I received a phone call from an Indian man, who wanted to speak to "Chan Yong Soi". As soon as I told him he got the wrong number I heard bursts of laughter on the phone; I assumed it was his friends laughing at him or me or simply laughing at the prank call.

The scene then changed back to the previous one.

I think it was after the movie and Ivan and I felt like going home, but Chok wanted me to send him to Kota Raya (what the?? Suddenly in KL pulak??) so he can head home from there. I'm guessing to Singapore la (since he's "Singaporean").

Apparently Kota Raya wasn't on the way back to my home, and I apparently said that it was around 5 p.m. plus, possibly hinting of massive traffic jam at the area. I complained and asked if I could drop him off at a bus stop nearby so he could take a bus ride to Kota Raya.

The next thing I knew...I saw my colleague Elizabeth and three other strangers in the car too???

My colleague, just like Chok wanted me to send her back home which was quite inconvenient for me. I asked if I could drop her off at a LRT which she disagreed with my suggestion. After that I teased her by telling her I would drop her off each time we passed a LRT station.

However, she took it seriously and somehow we did end up at a LRT station (amazingly with a driveway straight to the ticketing counter). As she stand at the counter, she yelled at me for being such a jerk...I guessed my teasing went too far. Two of the three strangers (both girls) were also very angry at what I did and decided to follow my colleague. One of the girls slammed the left door of my car after both left the car...then out of the blue a kid opened and slammed the same door too.

Instead of being upset over the girls, I got upset over the kid...saying something like "lucky this isn't my sports car!"

After the incident, I took the back seat and Ivan drove my car this time. The remaining stranger (a guy) wasn't happy with my teasing on my colleague too. He said something like "why did you had to insist on dropping her off?". I wasn't very apologetic apparently. I think I said:

"Sorry for the attitude, but she was not reasonable at all, asking me to drive her all the way to her crib at this time! (I pointed at the car's clock, which showed 7.19 p.m.) And the two girls didn't even say thanks, despite a free ride!"

It was silence after I said that. And it was so as we kept on driving.

During the silent period though, I slowly felt guilty about my attitude to my colleague. I thought of ways to say sorry to her...and I thought of doing so during Valentine's Day. The scene immediately changed to a bedroom, where the word "Forgive Me" was spread out on a red queen-size bed covered with with rose buds on and around the bed. There was even a bouquet of roses on the middle of the bed another bouquet of roses hanging on the wall.

Then the setting changed to something horrific.

Strangely I saw an old set of blanket and pillow casing (which I used to have) hanged together on a hanger. The hanger was hanged with a nail on a creamy-coloured wall. The view was then zoomed in on the nail, and the scene had different angles of the nail and at fast frames...creating an effect that you would normally see in horror films (cue in "Psycho" music).

Suddenly, the image of the nail changed to the image of my elder brother...with the same effect! The image of my brother was very disturbing....

Then I woke up, shocked by the images. But I was still in my apparently the 'images' that I've seen ended up being just a video on my phone. In fact, I actually fell asleep in my car when Ivan was still driving with the stranger. I showed the boys the video, but the video came out differently; the video instead was a happy footage of my brother...nothing on the nail or the disturbing images.

Then that was when I really woke up from my dream, at 5.17 in the morning.

It was certainly a strange dream....


M said...

Hey, wake up! Hahahaa... you and your dreams!

Dax Cheng said...

sounds bad for me (his eldest brother). die lah

ivan said...

Lol man!!