Monday, March 16, 2009

20As!? Respect!

All my respect to Cik Nik Nur Madihah, who scored 20As for her SPM.

Back in my school days (cheh wah, like I'm so old like that), hitting 13 or 15As was unheard of, what more 20As! Don't even mention getting 11As to my class, 'cause my classmates were only interested to pass our minimum seven subjects. Some are even interested to fail all but Malay Language/Bahasa Melayu (or is that now called Bahasa Malaysia again?), which if we fail that we gotta go through a year's worth of school again...that's a big no-no.

Coming back to Cik the heck did she do it?? She must be either gifted in remembering 20 different textbooks...or she had no life at all reading and understanding the subjects at her study room each day after school. Not a bad thing though given her parents are poor; now she would most likely be in Oxford University or any of those prestigious universities so few of us had such privilege to go to.

Then again, how come there's like 20 subjects now?? She also took Mandarin and Tamil exam kah? She can draw like Leonardo da Vinci for Arts/Pendidikan Seni? She's so damn good she can write a freaking Windows program, making her SPM IT subjects seem like child's play?? Fuck, she can do Add Maths without the need of a calculator???

Ok, I'm exaggerating but seriously I can't think of 20 subjects. My college/university exams were average of four per semester?

And me? I'm proud of my SPM result: 1A 2B and 4C!

So I wish her all the best for whatever she plans to be (Bet: Doctor 7/5, Lawyer 7/4, Engineer 12/1, Others 5,000/1)

Last thing I wanna read from the papers though is Cik Nik turning to another Sufiah Yusof:


ahlost said...

I only remember I got 3A1 and 1A2 *LOL* The rest I don't remember.. O_+

saykhia said...

The number of subjects are ever increasing. In your time, seven. In my time, ten.

Five years from now, thirty-five.

Ah_Mike said...

ahlost: lol better than me!

saykhia: 35!? Fuck.....