Monday, March 30, 2009

Miss Sarawak Leisure World 2009 Talent Night

Last Wednesday night I attended my first beauty pageant event. I joined together with Rose and JF to cover the event. Frankie, Pazuzu and KY were at Anna's advance birthday dinner so they came late. Sorry Anna I couldn't make it for your dinner :(

The setting at The Core was nothing to be impressed. Have a look at the video:


After a delay of one hour, the finalists were finally ready to show their talents!

However only 12 of the 15 finalists showed up; I heard three of the finalists (#7 Natalia Ngui, #13 Pamela Phang and #15 Juliana Tan) were either on work commitments or were disqualified.

And just in case you need a clearer view:-

So the models introduced themselves:

On with the first performance then. Finalist #1 Chang Hui Chung performed an Indian dance. An interesting comment I've received was of her attire: "She's on her pajamas!"

A change of stage setup and we have finalist #2 Chiong Yin Yin playing a piano piece. The mood of the crowd changed to the sounds of the piano.

Finalist #3 Cherrie Yin played the piano as well. The people beside my table however had some suggestions for her....

So out was the piano and in was a seat and a microphone for finalist #4 Christine Chong to sing a Malay song for the crowd.

Next was finalist #5 Amy Goh showing off her dance moves that got the crowd going again.

Finalist #6 Zoe Lee provided a talent that was different from the rest by playing a guitar while singing two English songs in one play. Unfortunately, the microphone did no favours for her...

Finalist #8 Aliceson Renis did a Middle Eastern dance. She' s the, most mature finalist at the age of 25. She was also the one I commented as 'having similar looks with Maya Karin'...but that was based on the preview photo la. Real life ah? Er...different...

Next was finalist #9 Criselda Ong singing that Britney Spear song "Lucky". Personally, I like her :)

Back to dancing and boy, did finalist #10 Carron Kho mezmerized the crowd with her modern (and kinky) dance!

Finalist #11 Angela Agatha Jerome did a dance as well...but a very naughty one! The men went crazy and I am one of the guilty ones!

Finalist #12 Julies Lucas sang a Malay song and perfomed some 'dangdut' dance. Crowd wasn't that interested to be honest.

Last but not least, finalist #14 Amy Iszaida doing a dance. Her body language screamed of lacking confidence though.

While waiting for the results, Frankie, JF, KY, Pazuzu and I went backstage for a photo session with the ladies. A lot of photos were taken I can assure you!

The men were too shy to smile....

After some time waiting, the judges made their verdict. Who do you think would win? I bet finalist #11 Angela would win it for her kinky dance.

And the winner of the Miss Sarawak Leisure World 2009 Talent Night is....

CONGRATULATIONS CARRON KHO! Don't she wish her prize was a little bit better than her hamper prize

View more photos at Rose's blog.

Up next: The Miss Sarawak Leisure World 2009 Final. Swim wear involved. Nuff said!


ahlost said...

Thanks for sharing the videos.. I did miss some parts of the performance though I was in there all the time :D

Funkye said...

rose was oledi mabuk. tats y sat thr oso din watch...hahaha!

ahlost said...

Hahahahaha.. clk you !!!


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