Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss Sarawak Leisure World Talent Night 2009 (Preview)

While I'm preparing the write-up for last Saturday's Tiger FC event, let me show you an image preview of the 2009 Miss Sarawak Leisure World Talent Night:

Click image to enlarge;I know you want to....

If my imagination would come to reality, I could expect a very naughty night; lots of kinky talk, skin showing and poll dancing! Maybe that's what the organisers considered "talent" since these finalists are showing their ability at a freaking night club.

Hopefully they are showing some real talent like singing or playing with some musical instrument; even better if they have some unique talent (name any superpowers from Heroes).

I was told that the actual final will be at Four Points Sheraton this Saturday night so I'll see if I could attend that as well.

As for the finalists themselves...if the winner was chosen based on looks alone, I reckon Aliceson (Finalist #8) would win it. She has that sweet-girl-look...in fact, I think she looks similar to Maya Karin. If it isn't Aliceson my 2nd option would be Pamela Phang (Finalist #13) as I think she looks best from all the rest.

Then again, I may be pressured to support Angela (#11) as I know her a bit....

I dunno about you but I find #4 to be scary.

I find something funny though; if the sponsor is Tiger then how come I'm getting a bottle of HEINEKEN for buying the ticket??