Monday, March 09, 2009

Tiger FC is finally coming to Kuching!

One of the events that I truly missed while I was working in KL was the Tiger FC Big Away Game (BAG). Tiger FC BAG is an event to enjoy watching BPL football with the real atmosphere; lots of loud football fans, a big screen and great sound system, fun emcees (Mix FM's Serena C and Fly FM's Phat Babes in particular), and even a chance to win simple prizes such as caps and key chains to their limited Tiger FC jersey (which I really, really want!), a PS3 and if you're really lucky a trip to the UK!

Oh, not to forget the hot models and ushers that work for Tiger FC! :) Of course if the models aren't up to your expectations you could always enjoy the mandatory Tiger beer....I mean the beers would really help you alot like this example:

So when I received an email of Tiger FC's newsletter, I was very excited when I read they are coming to Kuching for the first time this month!

Here's the information on the Tiger FC BAG in Kuching:

As much as I would like to believe that the event would be as happening as the ones in KL, this event will be in Kuching...and let's be honest Kuching isn't like KL. I wouldn't know for sure how this Tiger FC BAG in Kuching would turn out but I would keep my expectations low.
Which is a good thing 'cause if there's no crowd then I'm certain to win that PS3 right?? :)

And to see pretty ladies at the Tiger FC BAG in Kuching? Hmmm...

And why are they NOT showing a BPL match between Fulham and Manchester United!? ASTRO not showing gah!?? Cannot be leh!

Instead I guess I'll wear a Tottenham jersey and pray Luka Modric scored the winner against Chelsea. Heh.

Anyway, I'll be going for the event; I wanna win something there that's for sure. Any football fanatics/alcoholics in Kuching wanna join me?

And now, for something different:

Have a look at the video after the first 40 seconds. Love the lads!


annna said...

lol.. i signed up for the Tiger FC too.

Funkye said...

count me in.. i'll wear my Chelsea jersey there!!! YOHHOOO!

Ah_Mike said...

annna: Great! So you will join us then? :D

Funkye: Celaka, your MU shirt give me la like that! LOL

annna said...

lol.. I don't know. See first. I no jersey borhh..

Ah_Mike said...

Annna: Pinjam from Frankie lo ;) Please take away his Man Utd jersey since he wanna wear that stupid jersey called Chio Si...I mean Chelsea