Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tiger FC's Chick Magnet and the Big Away Game in Kuching

Meet Mr. A4 Paper:

Mr. A4 Paper was born as an experiment to see Kuching people's reaction to someone as cute as him.

Will the people of Kuching laugh at his presence (or rather, laugh at me carrying him) or will he be the star of the show?

I brought him to the Tiger FC Big Away Game at DUBS Commercial Centre last Saturday night to find out. Joining me together was Alvin, with Allen, Frankie, his friend and my brother all coming later during the match.

There was curiosity, and then there was love! The Tiger FC girls at the entrance adored his sweet smile; the professional photographers even took photos of him! He, my friends, became an instant star :)

Until the emcees came to announce the start of the event.

Mr. A4 Paper's 15 minutes of fame ended with the opening of the first match, Portsmouth VS Everton (eh, I thought the newsletter said it was to be Blackburn VS West Ham?)

OK, let's put aside Mr. A4 Paper first.The Tiger FC event in Kuching was just like what I predicted; not as happening as the one in KL. In fact, it had a different feel to it. It felt more like an outdoor pub rather than a 'stadium-feel' Tiger FC was after. The two emcees for the night were unheard of (no Serena C!)...and even worst they got an emcee to speak to the crowd in Chinese! So potong stim la....

I saw more old folks around my table attempting to get drunk rather than to bet any money on any of the BPL matches. But at RM25 per bucket we fully understood why the old geezers were on the drinking spree. That's RM6.25 per bottle of Tiger! Cheap!!! Oh, and the beer taste even better with a hot friend around; who would have thought I would end up drinking with a KL friend I haven't met since I left college five years ago???

Anyway, for every bucket of Tiger beer you get a chance to predict the scoreline and win a Nintendo Wii if you get it right! My friend and I predicted 0-2 win for Everton. Instead thanks to Peter Crouch it was a Portsmouth win 2-1! Argh damn you Crouch! :( Nobody was really paying attention to this game by the way, and only one true Portsmouth supporter was spotted.

Mr.A4 Paper was drunk already.

I did said I wanna win a Tiger FC jersey this time. So with many thanks to lady luck (and some direct suggestion to one of the emcees), the emcees approached our table after the match with this question:

"Name me four teams that have won the Premiership"

"Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Blackburn." (Where are you Liverpool??? HA!)

Ah, at last...

...I've finally had to show some skin to wear the Tiger FC jersey!

And boy, it was worth it!

After attending three Tiger FC events, I'm really happy to be wearing the jersey. Thank you Tiger!

Now endorsing Tiger as of 21 March 2009

The second game was what Mr.A4 Paper came for; Tottenham VS Chelsea. Excluding Mr. A4 Paper only one real supporter of Tottenham was spotted as well. Rumours had it that the main prize will be a PlayStation 3 so we brought two buckets; 0-1 and 0-2 win for Chelsea (sorry Spurs fans, we were being realistic in order to win the PS3!).

It was however a boring first half performance so we boys do our thing and we flirt,er, had a fun conversation with this Tiger FC girl:

The curious ones may ask Mr. Frankie about her.

Even Mr. A4 Paper was bored, so he became a pimp with six ladies!

I was not one to miss such an opportunity to pose with the ladies :)

The same goes for Frankie too. He and his 'Angels'.

At half time with the scoreline 0-0 I went to meet my colleagues at Fire, Travilion for a quick clubbing session. I came back 15 mins after 2nd half started...with a heartache. The cause:

1) Tottenham scored. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! My PS3!!!!!!!!!!

2) Manchested United lost again. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

#2 was a lot more painful. So naturally, we turned from meekfully supporting Chelsea to passionately supporting Mr.A4 Paper and Tottenham!

My brother did this when Luka Modric scored:

And when the full time result was 1-0 to Tottenham, I can't help but to follow suit:

To my amusement (and luckily enough), the winner DID NOT WIN A PS3 but instead a signed Ronaldinho jersey...when has still at Barcelona!

Wah lao, sell that la! 11 girls and two men will agree to that!

After four bottles of Tiger beer, and two other beers at Fire, I was tipsy. And that's good cause I went home with a smile as beautiful as Mr. A4 paper :)

So while the crowd's kind of crap for a football event like Tiger FC Big Away Game, the fact that I had a great time drinking with my buddies, enjoying the sight of the Tiger FC babes and seeing Chelsea lose (although it didn't really made me forget about Man Utd's loss) made this night one of the more memorable nights I had this year.

Oh, remember the professional photographers taking photos of Mr. A4 Paper? One of them's from Sin Chew Daily and he prolly made Mr. A4 Paper slightly famous in Kuching!

Many thanks to Allen and Frankie for the photos. Oh and Frankie again for discovering the appearance of Mr. A4 Paper at Sin Chew Daily last Monday :)


Funkye said...

nice one.. i hav to say i love this entry the most hahaha.....

it was a great event and hope more similar one coming up soon!

ahlost said...

Harror Mr A4 Paper ;)