Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Santa Louis!

Hope you love the chocolate-flavoured cake as your next hair gel :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April is not my love.

What did I do to deserve this?

Tell me please.

Friday, April 17, 2009


April's been a shitty month for me that's for sure.

Frankly speaking I did not enjoyed my trip to Singapore, and I will explain further on when I feel like it.

And my office politics is getting so God damn sickening it made me wonder if I am working at an office or a junior-high school.

But what happened just a mere hours ago was just too much for me to be patient about.

Malaysian motorcyclists. Yes, they are the most annoying thing on the road.

If there is a rating system for the city and state with the most annoying motorcyclists, I bet Kuching, Sarawak is like the top three. I can't say for the other states, but I'm sure KL tops the chart.

Either way, Kuching motorcyclists are annoying. They are stupid. And they certainly think they owned the fucking road.

How did my official hatred for motorcyclists started at 8.24p.m. earlier?

I was driving down Jalan Padungan on the way to the city. After just passing the Toyota showroom it was the beginning of the downhill; I was approaching a traffic light, the light was green and I was going at 70kph with no cars in front of me and a motorbike on the left lane, obviously making me on the right lane. It was to be a smooth ride.

Until that fucking motorbike decided to sway to the right make an illegal U-turn and without a fucking signal.

A hard brake later:

And that fucking motorcyclist? He damn blur! Yet he still ride on to wherever fuck he go!

Cibai la! He damn lucky he didn't die!

And now an unnecessary waste of my time to patch my baby up. You tell me how can I respect the motorcyclists in Kuching after this piece of shit!?

If you're riding those scooter/Mat Rempit motorbikes, I highly suggest you sell that crap and buy a car. Don't give me that 'no money' excuse.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Singapore here I come!

Hie folks,

I will be heading to Singapore in the next few hours.

I can't wait to visit this country man. I haven't had a real holiday for almost two years and I hope the next few days wouldn't disappoint me!

So I'll take a short break from blogging till I'm back home. Until then, let me find out about the life in the lion city, especially the food, the places, the nightlife and...the women?


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Miss Sarawak Leisure World 2009 Final - Part 1: The Catwalk

Come on Streamyx, can't you keep a stable connection? It's been difficult uploading videos over the last week!

On the 28 March 2009, I attended the Miss Sarawak Leisure World 2009 Final at Four Points by Sheraton together with Frankie and Pazuzu.

After a the usual boring speech by a VIP guest, a Malay dance performance and simply a long wait, we get to see the finalists coming and dancing on stage. Not long later the finalists introduced themselves to the audience and the judges:

For the first round, the finalists were showing some complicated dresses / gowns:

The second round was clearly the most interesting (and stimulating) for the men (and women) as the finalists were wearing bikinis for this round :)

As for the third round, each finalists were to show their individual elegance with their evening gowns:

In between the rounds, there were performances by a local singer (I can't remember her name but it was horrible) and the girly (but amazingly not gay) Saiful of Malaysian Idol. No recordings were done since the focus was solely on the ladies :)

End of Part 1.

Up next: Part 2 - The Final Eight