Sunday, April 05, 2009

Miss Sarawak Leisure World 2009 Final - Part 1: The Catwalk

Come on Streamyx, can't you keep a stable connection? It's been difficult uploading videos over the last week!

On the 28 March 2009, I attended the Miss Sarawak Leisure World 2009 Final at Four Points by Sheraton together with Frankie and Pazuzu.

After a the usual boring speech by a VIP guest, a Malay dance performance and simply a long wait, we get to see the finalists coming and dancing on stage. Not long later the finalists introduced themselves to the audience and the judges:

For the first round, the finalists were showing some complicated dresses / gowns:

The second round was clearly the most interesting (and stimulating) for the men (and women) as the finalists were wearing bikinis for this round :)

As for the third round, each finalists were to show their individual elegance with their evening gowns:

In between the rounds, there were performances by a local singer (I can't remember her name but it was horrible) and the girly (but amazingly not gay) Saiful of Malaysian Idol. No recordings were done since the focus was solely on the ladies :)

End of Part 1.

Up next: Part 2 - The Final Eight


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