Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It is with deep regret...

...that I cannot video blog about the Sarawak Rock Concert that happened last ten days ago.

This is due to my mistake of recording the concert too near to the surround system, which ultimately made the audio quality unbearable to be played as a raw file. It was so loud my video recorder's audio input crashed, making parts of the video muted. My friend Frankie's band played and I can't hear 95% of their song thanks to my camera's inability to record at super-loud noise.

In addition, my "Windows Movie Maker" program is no longer in good terms with my computer system, crashing whenever I edit the videos. This made it impossible for me to adjust the audio quality of the videos unless I use other similar programs to control the sounds. And I don't exactly have the luxury of time to find such programs or the additional time to edit these videos.

With the need to focus on other blogging materials (not to mention other bloggers wrote about this event already), I will not be writing anything on the Sarawak Rock Concert.

Given the opportunity though I will try to bring the videos up for your viewing pleasure.

I'm sorry to disappoint you guys if you were expecting a video on the event up by now.

However, if you guys could finish this sentence from the photo below using the comments page, that will be well appreciated. A mysterious prize behold to those with the best sentences :)

This contest ends at the end of 1 June 2009.


Ian said...

I need sex, lotsa booze & moneeeh!

cyril said...

I need money, money and moneyyy!!

hahaha... Hell, I have no idea.

Btw, I guess its time for you to get a new pc dude.