Friday, May 15, 2009

Manchester United fans, take note of the tickets!

(Don't forget to take part in this subtle contest yea!)

To all Manchester United fans in Malaysia,

As you may know ProEvents, the organizers behind Manchester United's Asia Tour has announced the ticket prices for the match against our Malaysia XI on July 18, 5.30p.m. at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

According to their website, the ticket price starts from RM58 (I believe that's for the crappiest part of the stadium), RM68, RM98 & limited VIP tickets at RM308. Not to forget student rates at RM28. General ticket sales begin from June 1 onwards.

Now don't be fooled thinking that the VIP tickets equal to a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Ronaldo and Co.! These VIP tickets is simply numbered/reserved seat for you for the very best view of the Red Devils toying around with our Malaysian team. So far, no news on any signature and photo-taking session of them before or after their friendly match with our local heroes. If you're a photography enthusiasts (much like most bloggers now huh?) though and you want the best shots I'll say take the VIP seats!

Something about the signature-grabbing opportunity: you would need to purchase the tickets during their pre-sale period which are exclusively available at selected Nike Concept Stores and Al-Ikhsan Sports Stores, and will be available from May 22 till May 31.

The big difference is that if you buy your tickets during that period you will get free training passes...making that training period the ONLY PERIOD where you can attempt to get hold of the players' signatures and possibly post photos with them!

Now to me, that really sucks 'cause right now we don't know what time is their training sessions! I'm not in KL and I've booked my flight to KL on a Friday I'm REALLY HOPING that those free training passes are for Saturday morning only. Call me selfish, but I'm praying its only that session that is open to public. And no suggestions for me to change my flight please.

Ultimately what I really want is for United to sign on my jersey and let me pose with at least Mr. Van Der Sar or Mr Vidic (Ronnie and Rooney would be too much to ask?). Instead of what I imagined to be a long queue to get their signatures at a press conference, I may have to fight for their attention against a horde of like-minded fans...just so that I could bloody make my jersey priceless. Some more I just don't want a signature...I want the whole team to sign on my shirt! But I think that's not gonna happen the way the event is going :(

Then again, maybe they would be a sign-and-photo session at some shopping mall in KL? Or right after training? I'll say no the former, yes to the latter (Saturday morning only).

Oh, there's a premium VIP Hospitality Packages as well. Sure, it provides you with the training passes as well, some special edition collector's match passes, allocated car park, pre-match meals, half time refreshments, door gifts and match're gonna have to fork out RM15,000 PER TABLE (for 10 people)! That's like RM1,500 per person!

Surely for the corporates this one. Even if I could afford it I doubt I could enjoy it. I mean, I'll rather be with 50,000+ crowd sweating and chanting "Glory glory Man United" together than to be with a lot of old folks, just clapping away at the result with their suits on. It's like trying to crack a dirty joke in a serious business meeting. It's just not right!

But if you're willing to take a chance to win MU signed mechandise as well as a grand prize of 2 match tickets to watch a home game at Old Trafford...

Anyway, I hope my wish comes true. I think I'll have orgasm for every United player signing my kit and posing a shot with me.

But first, let us prepare to celebrate Manchester United winning the Barclays Premier League this Saturday!
Ticketpro will be handling the tickets. Call them at 03-7880-7999 or visit for purchasing the tickets.

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cyril said...

If yo u had an orgasm everytime a united player pose with you, I can only imagine how 'wet' you'd be.. ahhahahhah.....

By the time the lat player comes up, I can imagine how tired you'd be...kekeke LOL..

Ah_Mike said...

LOL! Well I would never get to 'experience that' again after the players leave Malaysia....