Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miss Fair & Lovely @ The Spring

I was at The Spring last Sunday to watch the Miss Fair & Lovely preview.

some photoshop effect for a change.

The event started with an introductory performance by the Sarawak Cultural Village:-

Then came the 15 beautiful (and the not so beautiful) finalists:-

The first five introduced themselves to the crowd:-

I personally like contestant #1 and #5 :)

Names of the contestants:-
Contestant #1: Janet Bennet
Contestant #2:
Nur Zafirah Bt Affendy Micheal
Contestant #3:
Wan Noorasabila Bt Wan Zaizuddin
Contestant #4:
Atikah bt Zaffery
Contestant #5:
Jennifer Carterina AK Gilbert Apun

Then the second group introduced themselves to the crowd:-

Contestant #10 is the only foreigner participating in this beauty pageant (Philippines)

Names of the contestants:
Contestant #6: Durin AK Edward Jalani
Contestant #7: Pearl Karung Hendry Adam
Contestant #8: Anglia Hendry
Contestant #9: Efaliza Bt Abdul Hamid
Contestant #10: Mylene Costemiano Bantista

And finally, the last five to present themselves to the crowd:-


Name of the contestants:
Contestant #11: Dolly Charles Saches
Contestant #12: Atiqah Nur Fatma Bt Nor
Contestant #13: Alina Eleen Urai AK Gabria
Contestant #14: Suziella Adilla Bt Suhaili
Contestant #15: Nursheima Bt Hasnan

After the individual introduction comes another performance by the Sarawak Cultural Village:-

And then my battery went flat.

ARGH! I forgot to fully charged my camera....

So yea, another performance and a final view of the contestants later...the winner of Miss Fair & Lovely "Miss Springtime" Title goes to....

Contestant #1 JANET BENNET!

The Miss Fair & Lovely 2009 finals will be held at the Sarawak Cultural Village itself this Saturday night. If you're a Sarawakian it's only RM25 per ticket...otherwise it's RM60 per ticket. I'm not going though since I'm kinda lazy to go all the way to Damai.

For more information on the Miss Fair and Lovely 2009 please click here. This pageant is part of the World Harvest Festival so there's more things to do than to watch the ladies.

For more information on the Sarawak Cultural Village click here.


cyril said...

too bad i missed it... would have been fun..

Ah_Mike said...

cyril: actually it was just an OK event nothing special. But do come over to cold storage and participate in eating sago worms :D

annna said...

hahaha! Jahat la u mike! Say the gal big. tsk tsk tsk..

Ah_Mike said...

Annna: Did I??? :o
Oh, I did! :P

cyril said...

aiyah... even though I'm a Bidayuh, I don't swallow those stuff.. eeeuuuuwww!!

but I'd pay RM10 to watch you don one live sago work..hehe

Ah_Mike said...

cyril: Are you sure? That's easy! :)

But it has to be another time. Unfortunately I cannot join the contest due to the timing; it's vegetarian day for the Buddhist and eating live stuff is strictly prohibited :(