Saturday, May 30, 2009

Urban Roots 09 @ Green Heights Mall

Last week I went to the Urban Roots event at Green Heights Mall.

I went on a Saturday as I thought I may have a chance to drink some free tuak (rice wine). Instead, thanks to the heavy rain there was hardly anything happening, and hardly any fun. The event was held outside the mall and it was small.

The stalls inside were all the usual suspects; the jungle produce and food stalls...souvenirs...

...and a place to drink tuak! (shame I've no kaki to join me drinking)

Then I saw something I haven't had in a long time.

I asked the stall owner if I could buy these lovely 'finger food', but sadly she said "Display Only".

Sigh, oh well. Who could I impress my guts eating these to?

Oh, and I so wanted to join the sago eating competition the next day...too bad it was vegetarian day (and I had matters to attend to =/). If only sago grubs are considered vegetarian.

Read more about this event from Annna's blog.


Jessen said...

Disgusting! I don't want to eat worms!!! Don't force me!!! :p

Leadz said...

That's... edible!? what if i freaked out and accidentally swallow? will it eat me from my stomach out? what a nightmare