Sunday, June 21, 2009

Geared up for the run!

This morning's Hilton-BCCK Dash for Charity was the very first time I am involved in a charity run.

I was a bit nervous, and I did not had enough sleep. But I certainly wanted to succeed at the task I was about to face.

I prepared myself with a brand new FILA sports shoe, and a can of Red Bull so to keep me awake.

My left hamstring wasn't all too well since I injured myself at a game of futsal last weekend, so I needed a pain-killing cream too.

So as such, I went to the Hilton at 5.45 AM. At around 7AM plus everyone was out and running and after 10AM the event was all over, with the winner just taking 33 minutes to reach BCCK from Hilton.

And how did I do?

I did very well thank you very much! :)


M said...


cdason said...

kasut baru.. hahha... 33minutes for the winner. That's fast!

ahlost said...

33mins????? I drive car pun need 15mins ahh... who was the winner? O_O

Ah_Mike said...

ahlost: A Malay guy won; forgot his name dy.

Aliciaks said...

Mohd Zuldidy la... stupid rela direct ppl to wrong direction... saw u busy running to catch the runners.. hehehe