Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Her time is slowly coming to an end.

After six years together, my baby lost her natural eyesight.

Thankfully, her vitals are still intact, but she could barely see me now. She could only see a silhouette of me, and whenever she wakes up she see a flash of red before the darkness come to her.

Lucky for her there was a doctor who provided her vision, although she wasn't comfortable with the constant flickering of the temporary vision.

Then it hit me.

Can she hang on until I have enough money to move her soul to a new body?


Ian said...

no worries, the screen going dead doesnt mean the rest will follow suit. if you can find a good shop, maybe they'll have some parts to resurrect her

Cyril said...

time to get a new baby dude... RM1.5k can secure you a decent one..

Anonymous said...

buy new one lar...sell more vouchers at the Spring next Saturday...then can buy one for urself

Ah_Mike said...

ian: yeap i know. no plans to resurrect her already so december hopefully i get a new baby.

cyril: i know but i need to sort out some debt first~ >.<

anonymous: AHAHAHAHAHA!! what a bloody lie!