Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Hilton-BCCK Dash For Charity preview

This Sunday, Kuching comes alive as you will see a lot of joggers in blue and green running or walking for the 8km Charity Joggerthon from Hilton Kuching all the way to Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)!

As this year marks Hilton Kuching being 21 years old and BCCK going to open and make Kuching more happening, this companies decided to do some good and raise funds for not one but five charitable organisations that includes:

Sarawak Children's Cancer Society
Sarawak Breast Cancer Support Group
Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Sarawak
Lembaga Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Sarawak
The Sarawak Chesire Home
Clouded Pawn

Not only were Hilton and BCCK are cool enough to help out the needy, but they are also cool enough to give away these prizes to the men and women (and the unmentionables) who made it to the Top Three:

2nd Runner up: Trophy + 1 night stay in a Suite Room at Hilton Kuching for 2 persons + Lunch at Hilton Kuching + Dinner at BCCK for 2 persons

1st Runner up: Same as above but you get laid sleep in a Sarawak Suite at Hilton Kuching instead.

Champion: A trophy to showoff + airtickets to Singapore inclusive of accommodation for 2 persons + Dinner at BCCK for 2

So come over this Sunday and support all of us yea? I know you will!

Now who says BCCK is so God-damn far away??


Samuel Goh said...

Run from Hilton to BCCK... then Hilton or BCCK got provide transport back to get our cars at Hilton?

Dont tell me have to run 8km back to get it. Hehehe...

M said...

Hahahhaa, you running Mike? ;p I might go watch you this Sunday! Hehehehehe...

Ah_Mike said...

Sam: LOL...sadly Hilton and BCCK has no budget to send all of the 215+ runners to Hilton to get their transport. So you will need to have someone pick you up at BCCK

M: Do come! Bu I'm not running....

cdason said...

aiyah.. its far la mike.. can't imagine =D 8Km is no small deal. I think 1Km also condemn already.