Thursday, July 09, 2009

04Jul09' The Next Synergy

Last Saturday was at the best of a word...awesome! 

OK, so personally I didn't fancy the music our local DJ Kitz created (what's with the military-like anthem?) but DJ Fine China was superb especially his remixes of Daft Punk's music. And nice of DJ leiley to get some guys to play violin, hand drums and such while he DJs and paid tribute to Micheal Jackson. 

Here's some random shots during the event:

(Warning: You may want to adjust your volume low first!)

Best bit of the night: To be picking up three ladies at their homes (including a hot Breeze model April) and meeting up and dancing with many familiar faces at the event, it was one of the rare events that I feel like socialite Paris Hilton. 

Naomi & April

Lydia & I

Shame I only had three mixes of liquor and a bottle of Tiger. 

Special thanks to Adeline Ho and Jason Chew of Events Horizon for their offer to sit at their table :) 

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ADELINE HO said...

Hey don't mention it! Let's just hope we get to party again SOON ;)