Thursday, July 02, 2009

It's gonna be a hell of a party this Saturday!

This Saturday night Kuching is so gonna be happening leh!

According to the text:

"04JUL09' The Next Synergy will be coming to you in Kuching featuring 3 top DJs from Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah - DJ Kitz, DJ Leiley and DJ Fine China. They will be performing against four instruments - percussion, violin, saxaphone and guitar! Come experience the 1st ever electronics vs classical music in Kuching whilst partying with the models from the Breeze Model Search (woo hoo!). An event not to be missed!"

Party starts at The Spring's alfresco area from 9pm to 2am or until you are wasted. Tickets is at RM45 right now while it's gonna be RM50 at the door. Expensive la I know...but if too cheap all the Mat will come right?

So see you there :)

For more info visit the Facebook for this event.


amieyalen said...

you're going ha mike? huhuhuh I am not going to go there.... have a fun!!!! :)

M said...

Tumpang buat advertisement: This Saturday all girls come to our belly dance hafla! Hahahah! :P We're having a belly dance party too. ;) But only ladies lah. :P

Ah_Mike said...

amie: Yea I'm going leh...why you not going?? :(

M: LOL apala...where at?

cyrildason said...

wuahaha.. sure by now, u already drunk man..

must be a blast!