Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 - Day

*Aiya, this is long entry leh...*

Ah yes, the RWMF. I loved the previous one as it was my first time last year. The mud, the crazy crowd, the pretty women...and most importantly the music! As such, I hope for the same excitement as I had the last time.

So on Saturday 11 July, I followed Cyril's ride together with his love Emillia and we arrived at Sarawak Cultural Village around 11 plus. It was kinda early so we had 1st class (ok, 2nd class according to Emillia) parking spot (within 90 seconds of walking to the entrance!).

We were greeted with masked volunteers at the site, all thanks to that H1N1 Swine flu. After I showed my ticket, I was introduced to screening process commonly seen at the airport. A volunteer scanned me...which felt funny 'cause the scanner he had looks exactly like a metal detector but instead scans for virus not metal.

And no, I didn't even bother to wear a mask for this event. Seriously, swine flu is nothing compared to SARS. And I took a flight when it was during the SARS madness.

This was Cyril's first visit to SCV after 10 years...so hence I needed to do a 'tourist guide' work. After bring the couple on a Sarawak Cultural Village tour, we stopped at the SCV restaurant to meet up with Fahriee; together we waited for this event to happen:

It was a bloggers gathering hosted by Cyril himself. Nine of us showed up, and had a good laugh together. And I won a laughable prize!

This was the abstract from inside the prize box:

"Unfortunately, we ran out of cash while preparing the prizes"

In short, it was awesome to meet new friends and teachers :)

(click here for the list of names)
(yes, I am lazy to list out the names now)

Alright, now for our very first workshop at the Iban longhouse!

The workshop is called Hit Makers. Awesome!

The guys from Sekaa Jaya Jenggala are cool!

Cicak! Cicak! Cicak!

And is that Dr. Einstein on the violin??

And finally, a mash up of all the other instruments! Apologies for not recording some of the instruments earlier.

OK, so the mash-up didn't turn out to be the nicest rhythm...

Oh, I saw a familiar guy at the workshop:

That's Kenny Sia, working hard!

Anyway, after the 1st workshop session we walked out of the Iban longhouse to get some fake tattoos. Because we took such a long time deciding on tattoo designs (and some fat bitch jumped queue over Fahriee), we missed both the 2nd and 3rd workshop sessions!

And the tattoos ain't cheap; I wanted two "bunga terung" designs but that'll cost me RM50!!!

But it was for the occasion of the day...and I do kinda like my, er, small tattoo. (RM10 for that by the way...) I met up with my two other friends Christian and Amelia too while I got airbrushed tattooed.

Oh, and had we stayed on for the workshops I possibly wouldn't have pose with a couple of cute Koreans :)

Not long after, hunger stuck and we decided to visit the food canteen area. On the way though we saw an outdoor performance...

...visited the Celcom X-Pax booth...

...and a compulsory visit to the Heineken booth upon arrival at the food canteen. Heh.

As expected, the food was at tourist rates. Our kebabs were RM10 per person. Thankfully the beer wasn't that expensive at RM8 (I was expecting RM12 to be honest).

By this time it was like around 5.30pm already, so Fahriee and I went to set up our 'camp' at the main staging area while the rest did their own walkabouts first.

Managed to meet and pose with the beautiful and lovely Aliceson and Angela of Miss Sarawak Leisure on the way there :)

So here's the surroundings of our camp:

And finally some random photos before the big event:

Stay tune for the 2nd part soon! And as you can tell I got lazy to continue writing liao so good night :)

[Thanks to Carol, Fahriee, Cyril and Emillia for the photos :) ]


amieyalen said...

another long post by Mike...kekekeke Funny you... hey, join again next year if Cyril organize the same... fun to meet and mingle with you around.... and nice to kacau-kacau you... lol

Louis said...

whoa! nice and detailed coverage of the event bro! nice vids too.

Ah_Mike said...

amie: oh sure definitely joining next year's :) haha...you may continue to kacau me!

louis: thanks bro! stay tune for the 2nd part

cyrildason said...

Bro, it was nice having you around man. You definitely made the whole RWMF a hell lot better and interesting.

Hope next year we can go again together, and your Spain trip will be somewhere after the RWMF.

Btw, did you get your sick leave?? hehehe