Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 - Night

For those who missed out on the RWMF 2009 here are the video clips from the night!

The opening performance was by Asika from the West side of Malaysia:-

Personally, I think it's not the kind of music we were expecting for an opening. I mean, we would want a more up-beat music to start, no? At least on their third song it was more upbeat and I saw people imitating a Malay slow dance.

Anyway, next is our local group Lan-E Tuyang with their sapes:-'s a peaceful tune...but I was more tempo!

The fun part from this session though was when one of the members performed the Dayak warrior's dance:

This got the crowd doing the Dayak warrior screams!

Fahriee and I thought the third performance will be a slow tempo we thought it would be better to head back to our camp and drink.

We were initially right with the group playing a slow tune as well...until they suddenly increased the tempo! From their first performance alone Oudaden from Morocco certainly got the crowd going...and we rushed back to the party area to dance!

Oh they're good...a bit repetitive on some parts though.

Up next was the Finnish band Jouhiorkestari:

I guess it's not the most appealing music to dance to. By this time it was my third can of beer.

Moving on, we got ourselves a Kiwi treatment from the New Zealand group Moana and the Tribe:-

Apologies for the extreme bass in the video. They are entertaining :)

On to the 6th performance...from the US of A, Jeff and Vida with their country-music! YEEEEEHHAAAA!!

Seriously, I don't fancy country music. Somehow the crowd could dance to it so my group also follow....

The last performance was by Dazkarieh from Portugal was clearly the best of them all. First, it was rock music (yea!) and second the group has one HOT looking singer (Woo hoo!)

Sadly, I was standing right in front of an amplifier and my camera doesn't handle loud noise the audio was crap :(

But still, I love this band!

(By the way, anyone know what was that musical instrument the guy on the left is using?)

Just a shame their CD is like RM80....very the expensive la...

So ends the RMWF 2009. I really think last year's overall music group had a much better music for the crowd to dance to than this year's.

*More pictures to upload actually, so there'll be a full version of this entry...should be up next week*


amieyalen said...

Should be up next week? kekekeke so long post la ni Mike? tak habis2 lagi? kekekek anyway, nice watching you dance that night... :)

cyrildason said...

I recall one particular moment where we tried to join a 'hapening' group, and ended being 'vomited up' at the end.. Kind of hilarious actually.. hahhaa

ahlost said...

I think they should give you free ticket to go next year.

Love the way you write for these few entries :)

Fahriee said...

LOL, cyrill..I remember that too. Didn't wanna go in but you guys dragged me in By the way, Mike..that instrument is the hurdy gurdy. Weird looking instrument eh?