Sunday, August 30, 2009

Green International Festival Kuching 2009 - Part 2

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Oi! Oi! Oi! It's the United Kids of Oi!

Fourteen year old Sharon Lugun was up next. She's well known as part of the members of "Kani'd", a group which performed at the Rainforest Music Festival last year.

A fashion catwalk was done as part of a break from all the rock music madness. If I'm not mistaken three participants of the "Breeze Model Search" are in this fashion catwalk.
No recordings was done for the males (cause I'm a sexist!)

Next is the end of the fashion show.

Back to rocking, Mayze style.

It's Khai!

The last band to perform, and none other than Visualies.

To be honest, my battery was low halfway through this concert so I had to be selective with my recordings. A thousand apologies to the bands Dyerbreed, Dream Machine, Number, Christopher Kho and those that I missed out as such.


cyrildason said...

bro, I missed this event obviously.. and judging from the videos, it must have been a blast!