Tuesday, August 04, 2009

When Bryan Robson visited Malaysia

I'm BACK! Sorry I didn't tell you guys I was on a two and a half week break (also known as lazy!) from blogging.

Anyway, I went to KL a couple of weeks back to watch Manchester United play against our very own Malaysia Select XI. While I was there, I discovered from my friend that Bryan Robson, an ex-Man United player will be visiting the Manchester United Supporters' Club Malaysia for an autograph session.

Knowing that I would never have this opportunity again in a long time (or rather, knowing that getting signatures from the current United squad is almost impossible here with the kind of security they have at the stadium) I rushed to the place.

The supporters' club is a house located in SS2...I still can't believe I have never seen or heard of this place while I was working in KL!

When I arrived, the house was packed with the Red Army.

I was told Robson would come around 11 a.m. but at 12 plus he still hasn't showed up. A couple of fans had a bit of some glamour moments:-

Thankfully, it was another 15 minutes before he finally arrived in an Audi A4 Avant:-

As you can see, I was so excited so see him I dropped my pen while I was going to shake his hand, as well as forgetting all about recording at that moment in time...

And then I had to queue for his signature. The wait was sure long so I got bored and took a photo of a boy...

..and a chick, though not obvious.

(can you see a chick?)

By 1.30p.m. I was just about to go into the house...it was that many people!

(The best thing about this supporters' club is that they do sell retro jerseys...like 1999 jerseys!)

I saw a set of United goalkeeper kits on the 2nd floor of the house while I was just 10 fans away from 'Robbo's' signature... rare and lovely!

Then...at just 5 fans away to a priceless moment...this has to happen:

NOOO!!!!! I WAS SO CLOSE!!!!!! :(

So my consolation? A visit to the shrine of Eric Cantona at the house instead:

Despite missing out on Robbo's autograph, I'm really glad I visited this Supporters' Club. Fantastic place I tell you!

And oh, a pose with a rare artist impression of the famous Ryan Giggs' goal against Arsenal back in 1999:

And just in case you can't relate the significance of this photo:



cyrildason said...

Better luck next time bro.

So did you catch the second match between MAn U n Malaysia?

Anyway, always remember.. You'll never walk alone =P teeehhehehehehe..


ahlost said...

Wahhh.. 2-1/2 week break from blogging.. lamak betol.. i din blog for 3 days only i feel sth's missing *LOL*