Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge - Part 2

I'll be honest: I never enjoyed my meals at Sushi King. I never enjoyed the tiny, plain and/or expensive dishes they serve and their sushi's freshness was never consistent, especially their salmon.

But this challenge is very interesting indeed. Such challenge don't occur very often. And hence I visited the Sushi King at The Spring last week.

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet:

The battlefield.

For the challenge you could choose between a big bowl of "Soba" noodles or a big bowl of "Udon" noodles. As seen from Part 1, my friend took the "Soba" noodles in which he failed to finished and hence having to pay a hefty RM38.80. Ouch!

I wanted the "Udon" set just to be different from his; unfortunately Sushi King didn't had enough "Udon" noodles to meet the criteria for the big bowl challenge :(

Lucky me though, as the branch manager at Sushi King told me it was harder to finish the "Udon" noodles due to the nature of the noodles (thicker, and such noodles absorbed the freaking hot soup much more).

And nobody finished the "Udon" set ever. So I'll stick to "Soba" then.

To let the whole customers at the restaurant know a challenge is going on, the management of Sushi King provided this big alarm clock as a countdown timer.

Shaped like a cheese grater, it was intimidating to look at while you rush to finish that big bowl!

Oh, I had to fill up some "insurance form".

Filling this form gave me the impression that I was on death row.

And now the moment you've been waiting for. Here's Part 2 of the Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge video!

If you ask me, I'll think twice now if Sushi King is having the same challenge next year!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge - Part 1

On Tuesday my friend and I took up this daring challenge:-

I wouldn't go into details tonight, but I'll let you guys enjoy this video yea!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya, Mr. Bear!

Earlier this morning I was at Memory Lane to buy a card for my mom's birthday. While I was browsing though the cards the shop had to offer, a little girl poked me and said:

"You Bear!"

I was quite confused and I simply replied "Me, bear?"

"YA! You that one!"

She pointed to one direction, and I can't help but to look to where she was pointing:-

Ha ha...very funny ho little girl...(-___-'')

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim and non-Muslim readers of mine! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

She's a beauty with a purpose

Congratulations to April for winning the Breeze Magazine's Model Search!

Five years ago, I met a beautiful acquittance back in college. At the time I was selling a video CD of a college play, and she was interested to buy one from me. We only met once as for her to collect the video (and I was to collect her RM10, which in student terms that was some decent money!).

Who would have thought five years on, I would end up returning the favour to her.

If only I knew she was to be the Miss Malaysia World 2008 back then...

In any case, I ordered this CD from Speedy Video and I was pleasantly surprised that Soo Wincci's debut album was selling at only a mere RM21.90. Even if it's just six songs...

...and three of them are the same song in three different language.

Despite the few songs, I'm in support for musicians I actually met before so buying the original CD was never without any hesitation for me in this case.

Other than the usual lyrics section, this album includes a postcard and a small photo album of her. OK la for RM21.90!

If you're a fan of her, or you are charmed by her beauty you should have Soo Wincci's album with you already. For those who needs a bit of convincing though I'll let her voice do the persuasion.

Here's her debut song "Beauty with a Purpose (English version)":-

Sunday, September 06, 2009

St. Thomas Parish Sales 2009

Yesterday I've attended the annual St. Thomas Parish Sale. The last time I attended this event was when I was in Form 5?

It started around 7.30a.m so I thought I would bring my brother along for breakfast. Sure enough there was plenty of food to choose. But we decided to look around before buying so we ended up seeing...

...old books...

...old clothes (plenty from the 90s!)...

...and old yet super-cheap cups.

As it was very much a food fair, such non-food related items are limited to a small room. So we keeping walking, looking for food...

...and looked somemore...

...only to buy some kuih/cakes for a quick bite before heading to Carpenter Street for breakfast. I did managed to buy a couple of chicken pies off the Interact Club from St. Mary's. It was decent at best.

But really, I guess we didn't end up eating at the Parish Sale 'cause a lot of shops were selling similar items (chicken rice, chicken wings, lemang) and a number of them don't exactly look appetizing. Can't blame them since it was cooked for the masses.

Ever since I could remember this event has always been the same as it was before. It does made me wonder how to make this event a more happening event, rather the low level of excitement the Parish sale has indicated over the years.

Not too keen to really think right now, but I believe for a start creative names could be used to improve the event... this one for example.