Sunday, September 13, 2009

She's a beauty with a purpose

Congratulations to April for winning the Breeze Magazine's Model Search!

Five years ago, I met a beautiful acquittance back in college. At the time I was selling a video CD of a college play, and she was interested to buy one from me. We only met once as for her to collect the video (and I was to collect her RM10, which in student terms that was some decent money!).

Who would have thought five years on, I would end up returning the favour to her.

If only I knew she was to be the Miss Malaysia World 2008 back then...

In any case, I ordered this CD from Speedy Video and I was pleasantly surprised that Soo Wincci's debut album was selling at only a mere RM21.90. Even if it's just six songs...

...and three of them are the same song in three different language.

Despite the few songs, I'm in support for musicians I actually met before so buying the original CD was never without any hesitation for me in this case.

Other than the usual lyrics section, this album includes a postcard and a small photo album of her. OK la for RM21.90!

If you're a fan of her, or you are charmed by her beauty you should have Soo Wincci's album with you already. For those who needs a bit of convincing though I'll let her voice do the persuasion.

Here's her debut song "Beauty with a Purpose (English version)":-