Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge - Part 1

On Tuesday my friend and I took up this daring challenge:-

I wouldn't go into details tonight, but I'll let you guys enjoy this video yea!


cyrildason said...

Bro.. The song really brings up the whole thing..

You ahh.. like to do things in two parts.. Can't wait for the second installment!!

Daniel Tan said...

Good stuff Mike!

Ah_Mike said...

cyril: wow you mean all the songs suit the movie? Hehe sorry la I didn't have much time so do in parts lo :P

Daniel Tan: Thanks bro! You taking part also ka? hehe

ahlost said...

OMG !! it's so close !!

Why 30th September???????

ivan said...

that was hilarious man! hahaha esp when he took the first bite. i wanted to try it bt no chance yet.