Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge - Part 2

I'll be honest: I never enjoyed my meals at Sushi King. I never enjoyed the tiny, plain and/or expensive dishes they serve and their sushi's freshness was never consistent, especially their salmon.

But this challenge is very interesting indeed. Such challenge don't occur very often. And hence I visited the Sushi King at The Spring last week.

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet:

The battlefield.

For the challenge you could choose between a big bowl of "Soba" noodles or a big bowl of "Udon" noodles. As seen from Part 1, my friend took the "Soba" noodles in which he failed to finished and hence having to pay a hefty RM38.80. Ouch!

I wanted the "Udon" set just to be different from his; unfortunately Sushi King didn't had enough "Udon" noodles to meet the criteria for the big bowl challenge :(

Lucky me though, as the branch manager at Sushi King told me it was harder to finish the "Udon" noodles due to the nature of the noodles (thicker, and such noodles absorbed the freaking hot soup much more).

And nobody finished the "Udon" set ever. So I'll stick to "Soba" then.

To let the whole customers at the restaurant know a challenge is going on, the management of Sushi King provided this big alarm clock as a countdown timer.

Shaped like a cheese grater, it was intimidating to look at while you rush to finish that big bowl!

Oh, I had to fill up some "insurance form".

Filling this form gave me the impression that I was on death row.

And now the moment you've been waiting for. Here's Part 2 of the Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge video!

If you ask me, I'll think twice now if Sushi King is having the same challenge next year!


ivan said...

owwwhhhh man, i was hoping u'd finish it man!

cyrildason said...

Judging from how you ate when we went out.. I was rooting for you to fisnih man..

but yeah.. that's one huge bowl!!