Sunday, October 18, 2009

Krista Centurion Tanglung Night 2009

Finally after so long, I've finished the video of the Krista Taman Centurion Tanglung Night!

Seen the video? Do comment about it yea! :)

To put in short, it was quite an pleasant sight to see the children running around, playing catch and being amazed with the presence of the Chipsmore Mascot and the cute hamsters :)

Initially I felt pretty old with the kids around but thanks so some of the bloggers who play and jump around like kids (and they're adults by the way!) I felt like a little kid myself!

I'm looking forward to do a better job in recording the next video for Krista's annual event such as this.

Oh I must thank Krista Taman Centurion for the goodie bag!

Inside the goodie bag was the following:-

Can you guess all of the above?

P.S. And yes, it took me 20 days to finish the video...if you count in the cost of time for sleeping and being lazy planning a video that is actually interesting to watch rather than simply uploading an unedited video to YouTube!


annna said...

wohhh!! Hebatla ur vid! But a bit pening kepala tho as some parts are really shaky =X


Ah_Mike said...

annna: LOL thanks just think of the shaky part as the "Blair Witch" or "Cloverfield" :)

And yes your name is in there!

ahlost said...

Wootz.. very nice edited video Mike.. :)

Loving the song too ;)

sharon (^.^) said...

buy good vid cam!!!

ps: i see ppl dancing with big brown head