Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wacoal Lingerie Fashion Show & Pink Ribbon Campaign

Earlier this month I went to check out Ms. Carmen Soo & Ms. Elaine Daly who were both in Kuching for the launching of the Wacoal Pink Ribbon Campaign.

I've never seen them up close before so I was obviously excited to see how beautiful they are in my own eyes.

While waiting for their appearance though, I had to see some Wacoal bras (and a slip-up by one of the models!) :

Ladies what do you think of the bras/fashion? And my...Carmen is really hot!

There were speeches by both of them but I could hardly hear them, thanks to the poor sound.

Could you hear what they are saying?

Anyway, after the speech they proceed to launch the campaign with a bunch of senior managers of their respective companies.

And that was it. And they left. Gee, not even a photoshoot with the crowd :(

Oh well, I'm sure I'll see them again somehow in the future. In the meantime, let us support this campaign!


Jessen said...

They looked gorgeous... :p

Ah_Mike said...

hehe you mean the celebrities, the models or the bra? :P

cyrildason said...

Carmen Soo.. yeah.. she's really hot!

ahlost said...

Oh ya.. I think I read it somewhere that they would be in Kuching.. :x

Past tense now :x

Gallivanter said...

Elaine Daly, is overrated la, like Amber Chia. :-D

Pulse said...

Beautiful and for a good cause :)