Thursday, November 05, 2009

How Facebook ruined one man's happiness.

Before it happened, he was always on Facebook, uploading his latest photographic works and showing us his creativity with his DSLR. Indirectly he also introduced us men to the wonderful beauty of female models he shot; we even got to know their names all thanks to the tagging system of Facebook.

And then, he created a contest. A contest that would changed his life.

The contest was simple; all you needed to do was to send him a photo of yourself, which will be uploaded to Facebook, and people will vote for you by simply clicking the 'Like' button. The prize was studio photographs of yourself, taken none other than the man himself.

It was meant to be a way for the friends and fans of his to vote the contestant that was the most photogenic, or simply to support the contestant he or she knew. It was meant to dig out the potential models for photographers to take for their creative shoots.

It was meant to be harmless fun.

But things took turn for the worst, when some contestants decided to abuse the tagging system of Facebook and literally spam anyone and everyone they could...all in the name of begging them to 'Like' them and score voting points.

"Congratulations, Mr. Bean! You look like shite but because you tag everyone including Kim Jong Il, squeezed your balls as you beg your mother to open a Facebook account just to vote for you and even paid some kids to click 'Like' on your photo, you have qualified to the next round and defeated the likes of Brad Pitt, Cristiano Ronaldo and Clouded Pawn!"

It was a shameless cheat.

And then like wildfire, the 'victims' of being tagged by the cheating contestants got annoyed. Really annoyed.

As a result of such annoyance, someone created a Facebook fan group and called it "the man's contest is stupid".

Most people who joined this group were complaining about how he or she had so many tag notifications by contestants they don't know and they don't like. But upon further reading, it was more than just complains; this group took the opportunity to really bitch about him:

"He's a homosexual and he is washing his eyes with the attractive guys"

"He's not handsome enough that's why he started this whole contest"

"Sending your photos to him is like sending your virgin body to him, girls!"

"He FAILED in everything!!!! ROFL!!!!"

Those are some of the actual comments on the page.

And as more and more "haters" joined this group, you could tell the maturity of the group; comments such as "I'm the 1022nd fan! WOW!" and "LOLs!" was quite a clear indication of their mentality really.

What they don't realized though is how nasty they were to this man. Because some moronic contestant(s) decided to tag people, he gets the stick? Because your email account was flooded with notifications you can call this man whatever you want? Because you envy him you want to take him down?

Maybe some do really hate him. Some said he was such a big liar, a hypocrite, a pervert. But even if he could be all of the above, what gives these people the right to insult him and ruin some bit of his reputation in such a public site like Facebook?

And now thanks to the group, he would like to stop using Facebook for the time being. A victory to the bastard who created the group, and misery to the man who only wanted to have fun.

Your thoughts? I might continue writing but I would like to read your point of views first.


Anonymous said...

Yea, that's was none of his fault :) instead the people who were abusing the tagging system and spamming everyone's page just to gain votes are the source of annoyance..i guess this problem is unavoidable on facebook, perhaps he could consider setting up a separate page where pictures of contestants are posted and use a poll system to avoid spamming and unfairness. It's indeed pretty unfair on him,but looking at it positively it has helped him identify the loopholes in case he really wants to do a serious contest :)

Serene said...

Those ppl jz ntg to do but spam at the "hate" page == I also strongly believe that the ppl are envious of him.. However, no matter what, this guy shouldn't jz give up on fb, just continue using it like normal, dun need to care about the "hate" group, some just joined for fun @.@

Clouded Pawn's Cousin said...

it was a contest for people to have fun, in such that they could have their pics/portraits to be taken professionally and also to let the rest of the world to know that there are such beauty exists in this planet xDD well i too believe that people are envious and jealous of him. be strong "this guy" and take care

Anonymous said...

well... some may hate him some may like him..
just cause of the person who send pictures to him beg and annoyed strangers and everyone to vote for them.
to tell u the truth, i did send my photo in the 1st season. And trust me i didn't even beg or annoyed people. what people see in me, they complaint and mock my picture.

real reasons are behind the scene.
ppl bitch.. ppl hate.. human kind..