Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell and fuck off 2009!

Oh 2009, there's a lot of things I didn't like about you.

When you were here, I was forced to spend more than I could afford.

When you were here, I lost some of of my passion at work.

And when you were here, I lost some of my friends too. I even got backstabbed and my trust broken by him and her.

But that's OK 2009, that's OK. You were still nothing to a certain year in which I courted death by depression.

You meant to teach me yet again about the hardships of life. You wanted to teach me about the meaning of hard-work, the meaning of finance, the meaning of friendship and the meaning of trust.

Above all, you handed me a can of humbleness and a simple slap of reality check.

You were also kind enough to let me meet new friends to compesate for the ones I've lost.

And thanks to you, I became more pessimistic than ever before. Because optimism brought me trouble, I shall embrace 2010 with care and caution.

So farewell 2009, and thank you for your kind teachings of life. Now fuck off and bring it on 2010!