Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I didn't blog in: January 2009

Back in January this year I went to this cafe called the Tarot Cafe. This cafe was in unique in that you can have your future read by a professional Tarot Card reader while your mates can eat and drink (and expecting lots of laugh at your future)

Death sure comes cheap at RM6.90

So yes I had my future read over there. After going through a moment of cleansing, stern instructions and a need of an English-speaking translator ('cause the reader was from China and she speaking no Engrish), I was asked by the card reader the question I would like answered by the Tarot.

It was as simple as "What is my 2009 like"?

The next thing I know I was asked if I have a girlfriend. All I could say was "No" in sheer disappointment.

"Congratulations! You will find your true love this year!!!!"

Now that was some bold answer from Mr. Tarot! Anyway, at the time I was excited to hear that as I was out of the dating scene for quite some time.

Then she ruined the excitement by pointing out the "Tower" card and said "but you must go through barriers in order to get the one you love".

Alamak...then why la the card reader had to congratulate me for??

Other than that, the card told me that I will be working extra hard for the year 2009 and that I could be rich by my mid-40s.

Hmm...I'm not sure if I'm the next Richard Branson yet, but the card was decently accurate on the working hard part. For RM30 I'm not sure if I plan to go back for a 2nd card reading.

As of now though, Mr. Tarot has 19 days to prove that I could find my true love after all...or have I failed already?

Oh yea, Fann Wong came to Kuching as well in that month...but she married already liao...


cyrildason said...

No worries bro.. There's always the RWMF next year.. and you can put on 'The t-shirt' again! =)

Ah_Mike said...

lol oh yes ;)