Friday, December 31, 2010

LOL with the Life On Line Show (#LOLshow)

I rarely listen to podcast. In fact I think the last time I've listened to a podcast was one of the Mr. Brown Show sometime last year! So for the first time this year (which the year is about to end in less than half a day left!) I listened to one. And it has to be the Life On Line Show, or LOLshow for short. (

The LOLShow is all about the social media today, told from a Malaysian point of view. The hosts included John Lim, Niki Cheong, David Wang and David Lian; all who are famous within the social media circle. Together they discuss, bitch or whine on all the latest news on the Web every week.

LOLShow is currently on its 11th episode and the last for 2010: if you haven't listen to it yet you can click play at the link below!

The listening experience:

The 11th episode was all about the best of 2010, with the boys talking about the new Twitter, Google VS China, Google Wave & Buzz, #yorais hashtag trend, social media for change, Wikileaks and Facebook.

Here's my thoughts on the topics in brief:
  • New Twitter: I don't mind the new Twitter, but like the old Twitter I will only use it if TweetDeck is down, or I'm on a public PC. So it doesn't quite made a different to me really.
  • Google VS China: Hey it's China, of course they are going to give Google a hard time with the rules and regulations.
  • Google Wave & Buzz: The products wasn't popular enough among my peers to make me use it. But yes I agree with all the comments from the boys regarding this.
  • #yorais hashtag trend: Thanks guys! I never really knew why this was a trend on Twitter until you guys explained it! This topic was very enlightening to me.
  • Social media for change: Obama sure missed the chance didn't he?
  • Wikileaks: It became a new vocabulary for many of my conversations with friends and colleagues. Especially when people ask me "How did you find out?" on certain gossips, I'll just say "I wikileak it"!
  • Facebook: Oh what will the world be without Facebook! I really feel sad for Friendster and MySpace for not stopping the rise of Facebook. As for privacy, well I don't share my real thoughts on Facebook to avoid getting the sack/trouble as my boss is on Facebook. And yes I envy Mark Zuckerberg.
So what do I think of the show?

As this is my first time listening to the show, I can't say I was truly impressed by it. While it was very informative (especially about #yorais), I wasn't quite entertained; in fact I felt I was listening to a business show. I felt the show is kind of serious a little bit.

In my humble opinion, I think the show requires more humour on the topics...and if that's not possible to naturally pull off funny lines during the recording surely the boys could do a skit that is relevant to future topics.

Also, I think there's an unbalanced amount of time given to the topics; 10 minutes on Facebook vs the rest?

I'm not sure it there was a lot of improvement from previous episodes, but there's certainly room to impove, especially the technical side of things. David Wang sounded so odd compared to the rest! And did one of the guys moved some kind of stuff halfway through the recordings?

I must admit though; i did LOL on Niki Cheong's "podcast virginity"! Now, I'm gonna listen more of LOLShow to see, or rather hear whether my comments has been taken into consideration and if that is the case...they just got themselves another regular listener!

So from this feedback of mine, I am hoping that I can win myself a...

Yeap. A Blackberry Curve 9300 3G!

This smartphone is actually the Christmas Giveaway by the LOLShow. With its 2MP camera with flash (so you can camwhore your drunk look at the nightclub), GPS, Wifi & 3G, Optical trackpad plus media keys and of course Blackberry messenger, I could certainly use a new phone for the new year!

If I don't get it though, feat not, 'cause you stand a chance to get it too! Now all you need to do is to listen to the LOLShow (as if you haven't yet!), write about about it (check out the website for more info) and just let them know about your entry. It's that easy friend!

So stop reading already and write that post liao! And with that, Happy New Year to you readers!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Top 10 events I really wanted to blog about but I didn't get to for 2010

I'm a bad, bad blogger am I?

This year I've been to events that deserved to be written on this blog, and I've plenty of videos to share with you my experience. But I've been busy doing other stuff, meeting friends till late or working out. Sometimes I do not have the inspiration to write about the events (nice way of saying lazy)

As such, I blog something that could have been hot news but now it's really old news. Just like the Level Up Fitness launch.

However, no matter how old the event was I still find great satisfaction in blogging about it. I guess I just don't like keep the old stories without sharing my thoughts on it.

There's a lot that should have been in this blog, but here's the Top 10 events I should have blogged about a long time ago!

1) Exercising with the Project Alpha Bloggers at Level Up Fitness.

On the 30 January this year Project Alpha, an online reality TV show had one of its recording session at Kenny Sia's gym. Despite having to dance to the tune of Doraemon (I shall leave the dance sequence to your imagination) and struggling to catch up with the dance instructor, I had the beautiful Jojo Struys as well as the rest of the female bloggers to cuci mata upon. Even if I had to dance with another guy in one sequence.

2) Listening to my childhood memories at Video Games Live!, KL Convention Centre.

I flew to KL just to listen to video game music... Orchestra style! Video Games Live! was held on 17 April and I must say it was worth every single bit of the ticket price and my time. It wasn't just the fact they played classic tunes from the games like Final Fantasy 7's "One-Winged Angel" Chrono Cross, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Brothers and even Pong remix; from the fantastic Tommy Tallarico as the MC, to the funny moments on stage and even the interactive was just a great experience to be in! I have to be honest though; this was one of the blogs I did not want to write about at the time. It was at the time where I didn't want some people to know I was in KL so yea.

3) Meeting Uncle Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos cookies at the Napoleon Hill International Convention, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

It was a great honour to meet the man behind the famous cookies, Uncle Wally Amos at the Napoleon Hill International Convention on 24 June 2010. With his trademark watermelon hat and a great smile, his speeches during the convention has taught me a great deal on not only the financial challenges of life, but on a personal and emotional challenges too. It was also one of the best things my company has done for me after all the work commitment for them.

4) Getting a scar just above my left eye during the World Cup period.

Without the shadow of the doubt the accident that made me more...macho. This happened during a game of futsal; I was the goalkeeper...I caught the ball and after the catch I was lying on the ground. My friend was chasing for the ball but I got the ball first. He was going to crash onto me as I was already lying on the ground with the ball. He tried to jump over me, but he mis queue the jump and knee-d me Muay Thai style instead. Blood on the ground. The stitching up was more painful than the blow though.

Six stitches later, England lost to Germany 4-1 at the World Cup (27 June 2010). And my immediate boss thought I was faking a Medical Leave!

5) Partying to the smell of mud at Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak Cultural Village.

I like the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) because of the rave-party-like atmosphere and of course the music you'll otherwise don't listen to on But while the music workshops was the best I've attended in my three visits to the festival, this year's RWMF (9 - 11 July 2010) was terribly disappointing for me as too many of the performers were playing the kind of music that would be more appropriate for a coffee session at Starbucks. The music tempo was simply not head-banging, Ah-Beng dancing friendly. It could just be me, but I believed my mates could testify that too.

I might give next year's RWMF a pass this time.

6) Running my lungs out at the Race To Space Run, Old Kuching Courthouse.

Would you believe that this was my very first run? Yeap, this was my first although I was close to doing one last year. Race to Space Run was held on the 24 October 2010...and while a 5KM run may not seem much to some of you, but my GOD my lungs wanted to die after I've finished the run! I finished just pass the half hour mark, which was just out of the requirement to receive the certificate :( Thank my lucky stars though as the organizers decided to give the certs to everyone who participated :)

7) Meeting the Kuching DJs from Era FM, My FM and Hitz FM at Pullman Hotel.

Long ago when I was an active listener to radio (until my car radio decided to give up the ghost..since 2009) I once wondered why most radio contests and giveaways are all based in West Malaysia. I mean I know KL's the capital city and priority should be taken to Klang Valley but since we're all preaching about 1 Malaysia, why ignore us East Malaysians? Thankfully Media Prima listened to our dilemma and hence established Hitz FM Sarawak (they did their launch on 28 October 2010)! At last we could be excited to listen to Hitz FM from 10am to 12pm to call in and stand a chance to win movie tickets that doesn't scream "cinemas in Klang Valley only!".

Sure, the Hitz FM Kuching DJs aren't close to awesomeness like JJ & Rudy Ean, but I'm sure in due time they will! An extra support for DJ Herman who happens to come from my high school.

8) Surviving a DiGi 24 hour movie marathon at MBO, The Spring.

I wrote about this not too long ago but I didn't tell you I've only lasted three out of the eleven movies during this competition, which was held on 6 November 2010. No, I didn't fall asleep during a movie; in fact I was still very awake and excited to watch more movies! It was simply the fact that I was apparently not back on time (like a mere seconds!) hence I got disqualified together with my friends. I got disqualified right after I had a sugar-rush dosage of chocolates and Red Bull! Couldn't sleep until 4 a.m.

Urgh, thinking back about this still makes me angry. If there is another one next year, I will surely join again, not to win the prizes but to simply survive. I will be very kiasu next time!

9) Checking out the ladies at the Miss Sarawak Race Queen Finals, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

I wished I could say I had plenty to cuci mata about but I really can't say I did. In truth, I put more "eye-candy-time" on the judges more and any of the finalists of the Miss Sarawak Race Queen, held on 27 November 2010. Even the winner of this beauty pageant did not catch my fancy. Before you judge me for only looking at the physical beauty, let me also humbly state my opinion that the winner as well as the first wait, ESPECIALLY the first runner-up does not deserve such positions. As much I'll like to explain why, you will have to wait until I've upload the videos on YouTube. But I'll give you a hint: If the event is in English, please answer the damn question in English!

10) Chilling out at NewAsia Bar, Swissotel Singapore.

OK, so this was very recent (20 December 2010...just nine days ago!) and it doesn't quite deserve to be in this post. But hey, I was not sure if I was ever going to blog about this before the year ends!

I was in Singapore to attend one of my close friend's wedding. Unlike my previous trip to Singapore (which I didn't quite enjoyed myself then), this trip was a fantastic one to me! A childhood friend of mine brought me up to this bar at Swissotel and I was really blown away with the view at night! Viewing Singapore from the 70th floor, I truly enjoyed the blight lights of the buildings and street lights as well as laughing together with my friends.

This was also the the time I really, REALLY cuci mata in Singapore. Hmm...maybe I should write more about this next month!

So that's my Top 10 events I really, really wanted to write. Here's some special mentioned that didn't made it to the Top 10:

  • Krista Centurian Kindergarden Graduation: The children are sooo adorable to watch! Had I taken at least one photo (instead of just complete video) this would have made it to the Top 10.
  • Earth Dance at Pullman: Nice dance routine! But like above, I've no photos only videos.
  • Uniqlo: Yes I did visit the most talked-about Japanese clothing store on social media while I was in KL for work purpose. I did brought some clothes for my Chinese New Year shopping :)
  • Kuching Festival: I was introduced to the best ever German sausages in town thanks to Kuching Festival!
  • Dog Competition at Kenyalang Park: Cause the dogs are cute!
As for the new year...well, I wouldn't promise anything other than to continue keeping this blog alive after four years. Who knows I will have a dotcom website instead of the current web address. Or maybe the website will be Thai language.

Whatever it is, Happy New Year to you, my fellow readers.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

One Contest, Two Prizes, Three Months, All Smiles!

This blog took three months odd to do so! (Serious...)

19 September 2010: Finally I've done the Air Asia Megastore Commercial for the contest that was organised by Koolred! The contest, known as the Mega Shopping Experience Video Contest, challenged Koolred members to create a commercial which highlights the positives of buying online, especially at the Air Asia Megastore.

After some hurried pre-production, fluffing my lines so often it'll put my Acting teacher to shame during production, as well as some hissy fit over the quality of the acting at the post-production...let me introduce to you Mr. SOH EE ZI!

The character, Mr. Soh Ee Zi was a play on the words "So Easy", which was a key message to the audience regarding shopping online. Also, Soh Ee Zi's original name was to be "Soh Leh Zi"...a play on "So Lazy" and as you see his lifestyle in the video.

But enough of the description. I've put quite an effort over this, so in truth I'm expecting to win something...especially after I've seen some of the really, really crappy (and ANNOYING) entries. As such as I'll like to tell you, you better see it for yourselves.

11 October 2010: YES! I WON IT! I WAS CHOSEN AS ONE OF THE WINNERS!! Shame I wasn't able to win the first prize (which was an Olympus Pen E-PL1 and RM300 Air Asia Megastore e-vouchers) but hey I was aiming after the consulation prize. An Olympus FE-4030 Digicam + RM150 of the same e-vouchers as all I ever wanted :) :) :)

As least, if the digicam gets stolen while I'm on a vacation...I wouldn't feel as bad as losing the Pen E-PL1....(CHOY! Why am I saying such things!!?)

I hope the digicam comes in black...

19 November 2010:
My, it was such a long wait...but yes I've finally picked up my prize at Nationwide office :D

Even then I didn't had time to open it until the next day. So the video below unveils the package (and my lame reaction)

But in case you don't plan to watch's what it looks like in stages:-

The box after I've took out the wrapping...initially I thought I won myself a box of Beryl's Camior Chocolate!!!

My prizes after I've got rid of a box of "Beryl's" these are as sweets as the "chocolates" itself! :)

The camera comes with a Koolred instruction manual...I think. By the way, why THIS COLOUR NOT BLACK LIKE IT'S SHOWN ON THE BOX!? :(

5 December 2010: At last, after all the procastination, poor time management, rather-watch-Youtube-than-blog's Mr. Soh Ee Zi's thank you video to Koolred, Air Asia Megastore & Olympus!

It's not my best actually; the acting could have been much better...and the last part was such an afterthought...I really hope you guys enjoyed it.

Phew! I'm glad I've finally wrote about this. My God it's December already?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Peaceful Birthday

Over the last five years I've been celebrating my birthday with friends, and it always resolve around entertainment...and of course alcohol. While generally I had a good time with the celebrations, there was a couple of times where I didn't enjoy my birthday at all:

- The one where I got myself a long, you-have-to-be-the-perfect-bf lecture by my ex on our way to Cairns, Australia in 2006


- The one where I flew all the way to KL last year just to celebrate, only to be really let down by my closest buddies with their attitude and event planning (and like my zodiac characteristics I've yet to forgive them to this day).

So this year, I wanted something different. Something that doesn't involved friends. That doesn't involved a pub or a happening place.

That is peaceful.

A celebration in isolation.

Yes, that's how I want to celebrate this year. A celebration in isolation.

So two days back, I went to Permai Beach Resort on my own.

I swam, explored, took photos, ate junk food, looked around and even slept on the sand. And no one was around me the whole morning. Love it!

And then I wanted to do something that was otherwise not advisable. Exploring somewhere that can be dangerous on your own.

I had no regard for my own safety; there was a tiny, isolated tree from the photo above...that was where I tried to swim to. Crazy as it was, I really wanted to be there. I supposed in a fortunate turn of event, 1/4 way to the location my instincts told me to turn back as I felt my body wasn't able to swim all the way there, let alone back to the beach.

Even when I got back to shore, I was still keen to find a way to that place. So I followed a path in the jungle, hoping that would lead me to there. Again, my instincts told me not to go too deep as if I was certain to be lost in the jungle and die from starvation.

So I never did able to touch that isolated tree, but I was very thrilled by the adventure and the danger that came along with it!

Like the yin yang, I did some self-reflection moment too during and after the adventure. I asked myself so many questions. Some questions that can't be shared in this not so private blog. Some questions I can't quite answer myself, like the meaning of friendship.

Or my dreams and my future.

Or my own character.

Or my role in this world.

Yes, some serious questions like that on my own birthday. But the truth is I intentionally wanted to go to the beach so I can ask myself such questions. And while I may not have gotten my answers from that morning, I'm glad I did ask myself.

So that was how I celebrate in isolation.

(Edit: And now to finish writing this quickly cause I'm tired and I spent too long on this entry!)

After 2pm I went back to civilisation...or rather I went back home to sleep somemore. Got a nice cake from my cousin :) But as of now I've yet to eat that cake :(

And at night, my friends asked me out for some chit-chat session at Jalan Song...only to received another cake...

Die la my calorie intake over kao kao! But hey it's my birthday so fuck that!

Though the 2nd cake was too sweet and crunchy for my liking, I like the sweet thoughts these group of friends have to me.

Thank you Debbie for the photo

For they're part of the answer to the meaning of friendship I suppose.

Thank you guys. And a happy birthday to me!

P.S.: I managed to sip some Japanese Sake I brought back a year ago to the beach. The alcohol has not been forgotten after all.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Launching of Radio Kenyalang

I was invited by Sarawak Bloggers group to come over to see the launching of Radio Kenyalang (Astro Channel 870), the new Direct To Home (DTH) radio channel is Astro's first and only radio channel which focuses on traditional ethnic and cultural music from Sarawak.

The venue of the launch was at Orangery Water Front...but honestly we locals know it better as simply 'beside The Square Tower'!

Anyway, here's a six-minute video of the event itself:

Kudos Astro. Good to know they're doing what they can to promote traditional music!

From the goodie bag.

Oh, Rodz managed to take a photo of me together with Hitz FM's Herman together with two of the cruisers. Can you guess which one is my cousin?

Now just in case you've no idea what Sarawak traditional music sounds's one for your ears :)

P.S. I went to listen to this channel a few days ago. I was left to listen to more modern beats than the famous Sape music somehow. Meh! And I don't really listen to DTH radio very often (parents hogging the TV... I'm busy with the Playstation 2 ) so I'm hoping Astro/AMP will somehow have this channel on Internet streaming!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Can I survive a 24 hour movie marathon?

In less than 15-odd hours, I will be sitting my ass for over 24 hours, watching god-knows-what movies, thanks to the yellow men:

Together with Fahriee, Cyril and Eve Dutches and 196 insane school kids challengers we will torture ourselves, depriving ourselves from sleep in hopes of becoming the DiGi zombie and win RM2,500!

Eh, that's more than my salary you know? If I win this it's like getting a bonus ok?

So with my mamak-session training in KL over the years, I shall beat the team of possibly 10 to 12 movies and earn my reward!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Level Up year (plus) ago! Oh and their 1st Anniversary :)

I know, I'm probably the only guy in the history of blogging to post something that happened...a year ago! In fact, it was more than a year ago when I was invited by Kenny Sia to his brand-new (at the time)gym, Level Up Fitness! Don't ask why I haven't blogged about it any sooner than now.

So do me a favour here. Let's just imagine today is 25 October, 2009.

Together with the Kuching bloggers, photographers and the rest of the media people and curious associates, we given the chance to look around the gym as part of the media preview, test out the gym equipment, lift some weights...and of course to take photos (in my case, video) a couple of beautiful models, together with a couple of hunks for the ladies on that day!

I'll love to try to date her out this machine!

With the founder of Level Up Fitness. He mentioned this was his secret project in his blog.

And with the ladies :) She wanted me to hold her waist, honest!

My goodie bag for visiting Level Up Fitness, which will be officially be opened on 30 October 2009.

Of course, I did video this event. And edited to make it more interesting. Enjoy :)

Now, fast forward to 30 October 2010.

Level Up Fitness is officially 1 year old! Ironic as it is, the staff along with the members celebrated the anniversary with...a sponge cake! (Oh my, the calories)

The celebration was low-key, but that's OK since we're all busy sweating and shedding our fat away before this.

I decided to buy them a cake too, since the gym is very much my 2nd home.

I like it when some of the guys called this cake cute...but from what I saw they like the official cake more than this chocolate fudge cake. (Oh my, that's a lot more calories!) :(

So happy birthday Level Up Fitness. Ever since I met you, I lost a lot of fat :) With you, I can bring back my glorious skinny high-school days again!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm glad I've met them.

I'll like to dedicate the Sarawak Bloggers a song. Yeap, so high school stuff but hey :)

But seriously, I'll like to dedicate this to you guys because...well, ever since I met you guys I don't feel so lonely in this life of mine.

It's Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi

Thank you, Sarawak Bloggers. It’s been a journey of laughter, friendship, joy, unity and experience to our Sarawakian culture with you guys.

So yea...1 SARAWAKKKK!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watching the Cub go round and round...

A couple of Saturdays ago, I decided to drop by one of my friend's event, which is the Sarawak Cub Prix 2010. I wanted to take videos of not the motorcycles, but the possibly beautiful models that will pose with it.

Obviously, I know my target audience well :)

However, when I arrived at the Sarawak Stadium I realized a race was about to happen.

Sadly, the models (and the racers) were on the other side of the road and under the tent!

So what to do? I waited for a while and see if there's an opportunity to video those models.

Instead, I was watching people walking past the drink booths...

...and I actually stayed on to watch one kapchai race! My first. Ever!

After half an hour though, I couldn't quite stand with the hot weather so I left.

On the way back though, I was thinking about the kids who were watching all that racing.

Will they grow up inspired by the passion from these riders...and may one day be a MotoGP champion, just like Valentino Rossi?

Or will they grow up corrupted by the wrong crowd and be the notorious Mat Rempit?

I hope these kids choose their path well. Even if the guy above looks like he's enjoying himself.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I love Sarawak...because I won a phone!

Last month I've joined in the Sarawak Bloggers "Snap & Win" contest. The prizes that was given out for the contest included 3 RM50 vouchers from Parkson and a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, which was the grand prize.

I was aiming for the vouchers since I could get like six/seven boxes of underwear a new pair of shoes with it. Actually, I was just being pessimistic; I can't possibly be that lucky to win a phone right?

Either way, I uploaded just one photo for the contest. It was taken at the Permai beach in the afternoon, after the Sarawak Bloggers Street Photography event.

The slogan wrote for this was: "I love Sarawak because no matter how hard life throws at you, you can always find peace and happiness in Sarawak!"

When the results came out on September 16...

...I scrolled down to know the winners, only to see...

...myself as the grand prize winner!!!

I was speechless leh I tell you! However I was (and still is) very gladful for my good friend Ivan for not only taking the photo but also suggesting to head to Permai just to drink beer! (Did anyone noticed I was holding a can of beer by the way?)

So fast forward to last Sunday. I got my prize off from Cyril at a dog show event.

Brought it home, and I decided to unbox it.

I was surprised with the weight, and this being an XpressMusic, the speakers are pretty fact it's far superior than my LG Viewty with its sound depth! My one complain so far: why is it not red like what the box showed? :(

Anyway, it didn't matter. Since I have a phone that's still better than the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic (5mb photo...great quality video...white colour lol) I could have sold it for RM300. That's like the price of 15 boxes of underwear a long-sleeve original Manchester United jersey leh!

But instead I gave it to my mum.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check your health on your left...and then buy the chips on your right!

I was walking around the BIMP-EAGA Conference at BCCK earlier today...then I saw the Herbalife booth.

It's nothing really. I just find it ironic that they're opposite a booth like...


I mean, they're really just opposite each other leh!

The junk food's selling at RM1 by the way.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Watching the 1st episode of The Amazing Race Asia with Ivan & Hilda

The fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia started last Thursday and I decided to watch the premiere favourite gym Level Up Fitness!

I know what you're thinking. What an odd place to watch TV right? But you see, it's special to watch it there...because one of the teams racing in The Amazing Race Asia 4 is there to watch too!

Yeap, I was watching TARA with Ivan & Hilda!

See, Ivan's an instructor at the that explains why we're watching TARA and eating food at a place you're supposed to lose weight.

But know you, I met them before they got their lucky break on the show. In fact, I met them while my cousin and I were auditioning for TARA itself! I must thank the three sago worms that I had to eat for the audition...if it wasn't for them Ivan & Hilda would never had started the conversation with the following "OH MY GAWD YOU FREAKING ATE THE WORMS!?".

So since they made's their advice on this video:

So with that...just maybe...

...I will be holding the real TARA envelope next season???

Friday, September 17, 2010

1 Sarawak Commercial (and the inspiration behind it)

10 years ago, when Facebook, Twitter and especially YouTube has yet to exist, there was a certain video clip which I received by email. This video clip was a commercial was about a group of American friends who has their unique way to greet each other. It was made for Budweiser and it was a pop culture throughout the world thanks to the Internet.

The video clip was none other than the famous 'Wassup' commercial written and directed by Charles Stone III:

10 years on, I still go back to this video to have a laugh or two. Probably why I've been greeting people with 'wassup' on a regular basis. OK, maybe most of the time. But I love it nonetheless. And I love the other 'wassup' commercials that was of Charles' creation. And when he made a follow-up commercial to 'wassup' (simply entitled 'wassup 2008') I laughed at it so hard I was literally rolling on the floor laughing!

Then one day, an idea hit me. I recalled many Datuks, VIPs and MCs opening their speeches with Salam 1 Malaysia. So why not use that 1 Malaysia slogan into an alternative to 'Hello?', or rather 'Wassup?'

Suddenly, I wanted to do my own wassup commercial based on that idea!

And after a few months of thinking, planning, and procastinating...I decided to call up my mates from Sarawak Bloggers and the next thing we know, we got the script up and we did the production on the 3rd day of Hari Raya.

And after the post-production, I've officially launched it yesterday, on Malaysia's very first Malaysia Day celebration.

If you haven't seen it, here it is!

Here's the major changes from the original:

- A bowl of Laksa instead of a bottle of Budweiser
- Bahasa Sarawak & two lines of Hokkein language instead of English
- All of us wearing the Sarawak Bloggers T-shirt
- All sorts of techical inferiority to the original (Production quality, lame acting, etc) LOL

OK, I know what you're thinking...why 1 Sarawak and not 1 Malaysia? Well it's simple: if you haven't figured it out this commerical is for Sarawak Bloggers website. So it makes more sense to cry 1 Sarawak with all the reference of Sarawak as above. Heck, all of the actors are Sarawakians! You have to make it relevant.

Political critics intending to shoot down this video can forget it. We all love Malaysia, but that doesn't mean we can't love our state right? After all, Sarawak is part of Malaysia. For the other states, they can always do their edition. In fact, I am looking forward to a 1 Penang commercial (featuring Penang Laksa, and their Penang version of their Hokkien language...that'll be cool!).

So what do you think? :) Please share it yea! Oh, and...