Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good luck, bad luck and a foreplay to Lady Luck

According to the fortune tellers, I was told I will have an average year during the year of the Tiger.

Initially I don't quite believe that...especially when I won a prize from Malaysian Pollster.

All I did was to vote for fun, and the next thing I know I've won myself a 2GB thumbdrive.

However, the good luck ran out. And in came bad luck:


I spun out at the Fishing Boat roundabout on a wet road. My friends thought I was trying to be clever and drift...but in truth, the road drifted me instead at only 55km/h. I...don't think that is fast for a roundabout right?

Nevermind all that. The damage was RM2,025. This was one evidence my life isn't all fair and square. I mean, I won a thumbdrive that's like what RM30? Instead I've to cut down a lot of my activites (hence, er, able to update this blog) as an attempt to save and pay that amount to my sponsor.

Too add salt to the wound (and solify my believe that I'm having a _crap_ run of luck), I didn't win a car despite my best abilities to think of the perfect slogan and applying the law of attraction.

What was supposed to be my new ride...

Sigh, you have no idea how many nights I've seen this photo on my wallpaper, watching Top Gear playing ice hockey with it and actually drove the car...on a PS2. All in the name of law of attraction. Oh, and there goes RM65,000 to clear my debts instantly too.

But now, all of the above is no longer a matter to me.

What I need is some serious good luck. A good luck so serious it will change my life.

Cliche it seems. Of course everyone wants some serious good luck. But I need it more than anyone because of this:

Yes, I've auditioned for it. Yes, I've watched most of the previous seasons, working my sweat off to get fit, and have the main theme song as my ringtone.

Yes, I want it so bad because I want a life-changing moment again. I don't want an average life and I certainly do not want an average luck. Now, the only thing I need the most is Lady Luck to love me again.

Sago-worm-tea anyone? (worms not shown to avoid gore content)

If there was a ritual to increase the blessing of Lady Luck then I've done it. I've sacrificed three sago worms (by eating them alive of course) for the audition tape. Surely their lives wouldn't be gone to waste?

Wish me luck already.