Friday, April 09, 2010

You better go B.O.T.A.K! (Bald Over the Amazing Kids)

On 15 February last year Kuching was taken in by a bald-storm. Many heads were chopped, er, shaved off, revenue for hair care products was down like the economy crisis and the town was a lot “shinier” during that period.

You probably thought the town has gone bonkers over Rovilson Fernandez ‘s hairstyle. That may be quite an amusing scenario to imagine, but nah it’s wayyyy better than that.

In fact, on that fateful day Kuchingites showed the children of The Sarawak Children Cancer Society (SCCS) that being bald is cool and more importantly, nothing to be afraid or ashamed about.

Kenny Sia showed his manliness to be bald last year; you better have a look here if you can’t imagine how he looked like hairless. More terror news was Georgette Tan, who at the time had hair Rapunzel would be (well, almost) proud of gracefully let it all off and hence national headlines was born. And yes, you should see her shining head here too.

More than RM200, 000 was raised from 112 botak-liao heroes. Not bad for the debut Go Bald charity event huh?

Ah, I heard you said “So you were one of the 112?” Well, shamefully I wasn’t one of the baldies. Boo at me all you like, but at least I’ve donated (did YOU?) and I was there to cover the event. And before you could follow-up and call me a coward, I know what’s like to be bald.

How I know? Because I WAS BALD BEFORE LA!

Eh salah, wrong photo.


And you know what? It’s fantastic to be bald! Here’s why:

  1. Time at the shower was cut down from 10 minutes to 5 minutes (that’s 50% FASTER!*);
  2. In turn, I arrived at my workplace earlier by 30%*;
  3. If I’m late, I don’t need to shower use perfume enough liao;
  4. Hence saving two months*’ supply of shampoo and hair gel;
  5. The weather’s cooler without it;
  6. I can party all night long and still have my hair “standing” AND;
  7. The chicks dig* botak ;)

OK la, maybe just one* of six. But above all else, you’re setting and creating awareness for Childhood Cancer. That’s the most awesome part of being bald!

Now, come 16 May 2010, the Go Bald event returns with bigger, balder heads!

This time, the target is to raise RM1million with/and 300 brave and kind heads. This aim is for the construction of a new SCCS centre to provide an unprecedented level of care and support.

Artist's impression on SCCS new center

So if you know some rich guys ask them for a six-digit cheque or sell their Ferraris, BMWs and Merdeces’ away and donate the money to SCCS instead la. Better they show off their money by giving it to the ones that really need it than their fancy rides right?

But if that’s not possible, then just come over, donate and shave lo. Even if you can’t be shaved on the day you can still donate what.

“So you will be shaved” you asked?

I HOPE SO! I don’t even know if I will be in Kuching on that day. I could either begin to race around Asia or be working outside of Sarawak by then (or neither!). I could still shave my head on my own to show my support nonetheless.

If you are interested in learning more about the event, you may contact the Project Coordinator, Allen Ang at 013-8115966 or you may e-mail him at On the other hand, if you want to know more about SCCS, you may contact them via phone at 012-8073131 or via e-mail at You may also visit their information counter during the week-long roadshow from the 10th-16 of May 2010.

So remember, Go Balder Than Ever!

GO BALD day: 16 May, 2010
Venue: South Court, Spring Shopping Mall, Kuching

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*Results may vary over other individuals such as yourself


Dee Loner said...

digging this post of yours! funny yet informative :)

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I think I might be able to witness this :)

Ah_Mike said...

loner: thank you dee :) will you be there?

ahlost: I'm sure you will ;)