Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Opening of The Club, Riverside Majestic Hotel

I was invited by Annna last week to have a look at Riverside Majestic Hotel's brand new lobby lounge, simply called "The Club".

Finally, after all these years Riverside Majestic has a place to chill while waiting for someone or an event beside the hotel entrance. Before that one must go up to their pub on another level, well hidden amongst the crowd (and perfect for a dato' to have an affair).

It's located where a shoe shop (the expensive shoe shop to be precise) used to be. And my, this has to be one of the best decisions the Management has made!

Check out the video and see for yourselves!

Cool right?? Oh and I got myself a Privilege Card too... which is a 10% discount on the total bill of food and beverage in the hotel lounges – The Club, Riverside Majestic Hotel and it's 'older sister' Rajang Lobby Lounge, Grand Margherita Hotel.


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So come over and have a bite yea!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank you for giving me money to B.O.T.A.K

Many thanks to my immediate family and colleagues for donating and showing their support for the Go Balder Than Ever campaign which starts tomorrow.

All the cash that was collected has been converted into a cheque. The total amount? Well, I admit it's not much...

...but it's certainly a very prosperous number for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society and their goal to hit RM1million for their new centre!

So come see me go bald tomorrow at the Spring Shopping Mall. My time slot is 1.50pm - 2.40pm.

And by Monday I'll be the talk of the town office. In a "OMG-you're-bald-HAHA" way.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't forget this Sunday...

....cause I've confirmed going botak!

Remember to come to the Spring this Sunday (I think the shaving is around 2p.m.) if you wanna see a show of a (not-so) lifetime yea :)

Oh, and don't forget to donate too!